Is ‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Taking Weight Loss Products While Pregnant?

Teen Mom 2 fans would be hard pressed to find a time when Jenelle Evans wasn’t facing pregnancy rumors. According to InTouch Weekly, a picture Evans shared with her fans on Instagram sure looks a lot like the Teen Mom 2 star is starting to sport a little bit of a baby bump. Ironically enough, the picture that fans are claiming confirms Jenelle is pregnant is a picture of her promoting a weight loss product. Teen Mom 2 fans can only hope that if Jenelle is pregnant, she isn’t actually taking the weight loss tea she is promoting in her photograph.

If Jenelle is pregnant, it would be good news for the weight loss product she is taking because, otherwise, the product isn’t working as even her ex Nathan Griffith has pointed out that Jenelle has gained a bit of weight.

The picture of this Teen Mom 2 star showing off what appears to be a slight baby bump in a sports bra and leggings can be seen below:

Been on the @flattummytea cleanse and look at this. Don't be mad, just go get you some tea!

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Do you think she looks pregnant?

One commenter on Instagram wrote, “She looks about 16 weeks pregnant.” A second commented on how you could see that Jenelle was trying to hide the ring of her pregnant belly in the picture.

#SummerDaze #FavoriteMoments #SunSandWindyHair ????????☀️

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Based on the comments on Jenelle Evans’ Instagram post, it would appear as if not every Jenelle fan is quick to jump on the “she must be pregnant” train every time she shares a picture with her stomach sticking out. In fact, some of the comments came to Jenelle’s defense questioning why everyone had to assume she was pregnant.

“Poor Jenelle. She just can’t win. If she loses weight she’s on drugs. If she gains a few pounds, then she must be pregnant. She looks beautiful, Not everybody can constantly be obsessed with losing weight, especially when you’re raising kids,” one commenter said. A second commenter agreed that she wasn’t pregnant or on drugs – she was just “beautiful.”

Currently, Jenelle is fairly even with the other Teen Mom 2 stars as she, Leah, and Kailyn all have multiple children with more than one father. Chelsea was the only star from Teen Mom 2 who didn’t have multiple children with multiple men – until today, when MTV confirmed she and Cole were expecting their first child together.

Teen Mom 2 fans frequently praise Chelsea for doing things differently than Jenelle and the other girls. Is waiting until she found “the one” and is getting married to have a second child another reason Teen Mom 2 fans should praise her as the brightest apple of the bunch?

Will Jenelle and Chelsea be having babies around the same time, or are people jumping on the “Jenelle is pregnant” train way too quickly again?

In the Instagram post below, Jenelle also shares a picture of a bust-enhancing supplement, which, again, makes fans wonder if she’s really taking these products while pregnant.

According to Radar Online, it may be a while before Jenelle Evans confirms or denies whether she is pregnant as she is too focused on being upset at MTV for making her “look f**king stupid.”

Teen Mom 2 fans may recall that Jenelle’s mother Barbara starred on her own special called Being Barbara last night. Jenelle claims the network even made her look stupid in the special. Jenelle is frustrated with the network because she had originally urged her fans to watch the special about her mother only for it to end up making her look bad.

Is the network truly making Jenelle look bad, or is Jenelle just having a hard time accepting who she really is?

Radar Online goes on to report that Teen Mom 2 fans may be disappointed as Jenelle Evans contemplates quitting the show after how they frequently edited her to look bad on television.

Our #JulyFourth selfie. ????????????

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Would you be disappointed if Jenelle walks away from Teen Mom 2? Do you think she might be expecting her third child?

[Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram]