July 13, 2016
Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston: Wedding Bells Soon? They're Already Planning Kids

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are not just madly in love, but they are also already planning babies. E! Online had reported that Tom and Taylor would like to get married and have kids.

"This is the kind of a man she would want to marry," the source said. "She has said he would make a great dad. They have talked about what they want in the future and kids are something that they would both like down the line. They have very real and serious conversations about life." So, then it seems like Taylor Swift really does have it all sorted out, after all.

And Taylor Swift is also totally smitten by the fact that Tom Hiddleston hails from the United Kingdom. The Inquisitr had quoted E! Online as saying that the singer is in love with Hiddleston's "English ways."

"She has told me that she loves his accent and thinks he is so sexy," the source said. "He acts very English. He is also a big tea drinker."

The sources have gone on to say that the two are pretty serious about each other given that they are spending a lot of time together and Taylor is already pretty attached to the Thor actor. "They are the real deal," the source said.And the two get along really well. "They laugh and travel well together. These past few weeks, they have learned many things about each other...she is getting very attached."

And it looks like Tom is giving her what every woman wants: a lot of attention. "Tom gives Tay more attention than any other man she has ever been with," the source added. "She likes his maturity. He...is a very romantic and charming gentleman."

There has been a lot of talk about an almost decade-long age difference that the couple has. But if her friends are to be believed, it's that very thing that Taylor Swift loves about Tom. "She likes his maturity. He...is a very romantic and charming gentleman."

Her friends have also confirmed that things are moving pretty fast with Tom and Taylor. Her pals are also talking about how excited she is and that they never have seen her this happy."

And as if it couldn't get better than this, Taylor Swift just can't get enough of him and she can't stop talking about Tom at all. "It's an ongoing conversation with the girls on how happy she is. Tay has mentioned numerous times how 'in love' with each other they are."

And the couple isn't just in love, they are pretty generous as well. The two are in Australia at the moment and have been very generous with the staff. "They have been very kind to the staff at the hotel," a source told E! News.

The sources have been revealing how physically active Tom is. He never misses the gym and also goes for a run. "It looked like they had a little down time together and have walked out together a few times since they have checked in. Tom is very active and wakes up early for workouts and runs on the beach."

It's true that the two are romantically involved and that they don't shy away from keeping their relationship under the wraps. However, it remains to be seen if the couple is going to last. Before Taylor got together with Tom Hiddleston, she was in a relationship with Calvin Harris. Harris announced their breakup on Twitter with the now-famous words: "The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect."

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[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]