July 13, 2016
Harry Styles And Calvin Harris: Taylor Swift's Exes Want You To Focus On Their Talent

Earlier this year Taylor Swift gave an interview to Vogue magazine blasting what she called "incredibly sexist Men of Taylor Swift slideshows." Now, Taylor's exes Calvin Harris and Harry Styles have both indicated that they feel the same way -- both Harris and Styles are tired of seeing their hunky visages in pictorials linking them to Swift and they would like to see more focus on their work.

Taylor Swift was talking about slideshows like this one created by The Hollywood Gossip, which run through the men Taylor has dated, from Jake Gyllenhaal to John Mayer to Harry Styles.

Taylor Swift may be a sweet, innocent girl, but she certainly does play the field. She's dated a lot of guys, however briefly, in her teens and 20s. Famous ones, to boot...We're not passing any judgment here. We're just stating that Taylor Swift has dated many famous people.
The Hollywood Gossip were eager to emphasize that they were not passing judgement on Swift, however Taylor thinks that many publications who report on her love life are doing just that.

Swift told Vogue that she went on "a normal amount of dates in [her] early twenties" and yet she was blasted for it. Taylor even said that she became "a lightning-rod for slut-shaming," in a video interview for Vogue.

"You know, I went out on a normal amount of dates in my early 20s, and I got absolutely slaughtered for it.. And it took a lot of hard work and altering my decision-making. I didn't date for two and a half years. Should I have had to do that? No.. I guess what I wanted to call attention to in my speech at the Grammys was how it's going to be difficult if you're a woman who wants to achieve something in her life—no matter what."
In her Grammys speech, Swift sent a shout-out to young women telling them not to be discouraged by all the people who will try to undercut a woman's success or take credit for her work.
"As the first woman to win album of the year twice, I want to say to all the young women out there, there are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or you fame."
Taylor said that the key is to focus on your work and not get sidetracked, reports Billboard. The Grammy award-winner encouraged her fans to put their energy into "the people who love you."
"But if you just focus on the work, and you don't let those people sidetrack you, someday when you get where you are going, you will look around and you will know that it was you and the people who love you that put you there and that will be the greatest feeling in the world."
Harry Styles seems eager to distance himself from Taylor Swift-related gossip and speculation. Fans observed that Harry did not want to dwell on Taylor Swift and her break-up songs when the One Direction boys were interviewed on Ellen.

"Oh, stop," said Harry to audience members who clapped and cheered when the topic of Taylor Swift came up.

Harry Styles' mom has also "told fans not to focus on the singer's personal affairs but on his brilliant works as an artist," reports Hofmag.

As for Calvin Harris, there were reports that the Scottish producer was going to give Taylor Swift a taste of her own medicine after their breakup.

Calvin Harris was rumored to be releasing a diss track! Elle reports that Harris' track "Ole" is a dig at Taylor and her new relationship with Tom Hiddleston.

Other reports have denied that "Ole" is about Taylor Swift. First Post reports that the track may in fact be about Calvin Harris' other famous ex, Rita Ora.

The inspiration for the lyrics may not be clear, but Calvin Harris has made one thing clear: he would like to receive credit for his own accomplishments and not just kudos for dating pretty blonde Taylor Swift for fifteen months.

Soon after their breakup, Harris posted an Instagram shot of himself holding his Ivor Novello songwriting award. He wrote, "TBT when i won songwriter of the year at 2013 Ivor Novello awards. I got this for writing words, melodies, and music. This post is for my own sanity. God bless."

Calvin Harris and Dizzee Rascal dropped the video for their new song "Hype" today, reports Just Jared.
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