‘Trove,’ The Voxel MMO From Trion Worlds, Is Coming To PlayStation 4, Xbox One This Year

Free-to-play voxel MMO Trove is coming to consoles. The colorful and playful MMO from Trion Worlds is already quite popular on PC and Steam with thousands of players logging in every day to build, adventure, and level their blocky avatars. Now, developers of the title announced that the MMO is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year.

Trove boasts 15 classes and nearly limitless building opportunities. The action-oriented combat in Trove already works quite well with the controller support available on the PC version, and it will likely transition well to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In Trove, players can build on their personal cornerstone plot, join a Club to build with their friends, or simply fight all the monsters to level up their classes as cited on the PlayStation Blog. The game tracks overall progress of acquisitions with Mastery rank which tallies all the mounts, pets, customization options, and other items available in the game into a numerical value. In fact, the more collected or purchased, the stronger the player gets with each Mastery rank.


In a brief interview with the game’s executive producer, GameSpot learned that Trove will still include microtransactions on consoles. Additionally, there will be no cross-play between a console and PC and no option to import a PC character to console at this time. As with most free-to-play titles, PlayStation Plus will likely not be required while Xbox Live Gold probably will be required. However, no confirmation of this is available at this time. The developer told GameSpot that players with those subscription services will receive some bonuses, though.

Earlier this year Trove welcomed its first expansion content called Mantle of Power. The update increased the level cap on all classes from 20 to 30, introduced the controversial Gem System, added new Uber levels, and much more. As the Inquisitr reported, the update introduced a new level of power to the game as well with Stellar gear requiring several pieces of Radiant items to create. Previous Trove players that have not played in some time should note that around the same time the expansion released, classes became purchasable with real money only.


Instead of using in-game currency unlocked each day for completing dungeons, players must now spend real money on Credits to buy new classes. Of course, players can trade classes in the Marketplace but a fair amount of flux, a material used for many things in the game, is required to make trades like that which is likely hard to obtain for new players. The recently added class trial, at least, gives players a chance to try a class before buying one with their limited Class Coins or Credits.

Alongside the console announcement for Trove, developers of the game also revealed anniversary revelry for the voxel MMO on PC. For its first anniversary, players will enjoy two weeks of celebration in an effort to mark the occasion. For two weeks, all daily bonuses will be active during the event every day. Additionally, as noted on the official website, classes are 66 percent off, Gem Packs are 25 percent off, and higher level players will receive daily login gifts each day. Not to mention, logging in at any point during the anniversary will unlock the Trovian Tumblr mount. For more information on the anniversary event including a day-by-day list of items players above Mastery level 20 can obtain, check out the Steam announcement page with patch notes on the latest update for PC.

Although the tentative release date of Trove on consoles is scheduled, no narrower time frame is confirmed at this time. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will begin building, adventuring, and leveling in Trove later this year.

[Image via Trion Worlds]