‘The Flash’ Season 3 Spoilers: The CW Shares Kid Flash Character

Kid Flash is coming to The Flash Season 3, and The CW has now shared the costume for the character. The character’s secret identity will be Wally West, who has already shown up in the show and is the superhero he originally was in the comics.

The Flash fans were given an exciting twist at the end of Season 2. Barry Allen was able to go into the past and save his mother’s life. This completely changed his timeline, and fans are anxious to see what that means for the main character. It will also be interesting to see what it means for the characters around him.

It is likely that Barry will return to the future with both sets of memories, once he gets to the changed timeline. He’ll likely need to figure out which timeline is which, with everyone else only knowing the most recent one. What will this also mean for his connection to Team Arrow and Supergirl?

While that has been at the forefront of minds for the last couple of months, The Flash fans now also get a glimpse at the new character, Kid Flash. Keiynan Lonsdale will play the role, and will don a gold-and-red costume, with a very similar look to The Flash’s red costume. The only main difference is that Kid Flash won’t have anything covering his hair.

West was introduced in The Flash Season 2. He is Detective Joe West’s estranged son. Originally, he had no superpowers, but that changed as the season went on.

According to Comic Book Resources, the final episodes of Season 2 showed that Wally was hit by the second explosion, along with Jesse Quick, Harrison Wells’ daughter. This all happened while Harrison Wells was trying to help Barry get his own speed back. Neither showed any signs that they would get speed powers after this, but there is always time for this to develop. It’s worth remembering that Barry was originally knocked into a coma after his hit by the blast — though he was also struck by lightning and a bath of chemicals.

Very little has been shared about The Flash Season 3 so far. The premiere will be titled “Flashpoint,” which gives a hint of the linchpin timeline that is created by Barry changing past events. Barry did go back in the comics to change his mother’s death, so it is possible that the show will follow this storyline. The CW show has done a good job of mixing both original storylines with comic details to create something entertaining and fun for all types of fans.

Kid Flash is going to appear in the premiere. The reason for his powers may be shared then, but it is also possible that his storyline will be shared as Barry learns more about his new world. There is the possibility that Kid Flash will only be in one timeline, which may be something that Barry is able to switch between. Fans have already seen that there are multiple Earths, one with the Barry Allen Flash, one with the Jay Garrick Flash, and another with Supergirl.

The Flash will return in October to The CW. It will come back on Tuesday nights at its usual slot of 8 p.m. The CW is now focusing on its superhero shows, with the first four nights of the week dedicated to a superhero in the 8 p.m. slots. There is a chance that The Flash and Supergirl will crossover again, along with Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow joining in with the fun.

[Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images]