July 13, 2016
Tom Hiddleston: Why Hiddlefit Is The New Fitness Style Master

Tom Hiddleston has just been crowned Fitness Style Master by GQ after barely two days of strutting his jogging regimen in Australia's Gold Coast. The reason: Hiddlefit's dedication to true fitness. GQ has noticed how simple yet proper Hiddleston's running gear is, which, the source intimated, is enough to prove that he is out to get fit instead of just showing off to Hiddleswift fans. And so, the prestigious fashion bible for men has declared the following.

"Not long ago, this publication declared the death of lazy all-black workout kits and endorsed a more curated and colorful array of gym gear. But maybe it's time to reconsider."
Regardless of how Swoki fans seem to have attached a "homing device" on the Loki actor or otherwise cultivated their inner GPS, the source would rather conduct its own investigation on just how dedicated Tom Hiddleston is to his fitness routine. And this can only mean that GQ has likewise put its own "homing device" on the actor cum fitness guru.
And worse than a Swiddleton spy, the source evidently has been tracking the Night Manager star since June 20 at NYC, as another GQ article would attest as follows.
"Hiddleston's navy T-shirt and shorts fit him well without being too tight—no try-hard body bragging here. And his dark socks keep the whole thing looking fresh and modern, way more James Bond than soccer dad."
The results of Tom Hiddleston's fitness strategy speaks for itself, as pictures taken by W Magazine will reveal. In summary, his physique is lean and mean. There are no hardcore six pack abs like those of Calvin Harris (Taylor Swift's ex), but that doesn't mean that Tom's muscle tone isn't real. Hiddleston probably gets more strength training than Harris, based on GQ's pronouncements after monitoring Taylor Swift's new guy from NYC to Australia.

"What this tells us is that the actor is a lot more concerned about his rep count than what he looks like when he's sweating it out, " the source says.

And that's how you can tell that the Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift romance is truly made in heaven. Why Taylor looks every bit as serious about the results of her workouts, too. She wears fancy gym clothing, which is the very antithesis of what her boyfriend wears, but the results are the same in principle, as one Daily Mail article will show.

In the words of ET Online, "Swift flaunts her enviable abs in the casual workout style."

Indeed, Taylor's abs are firm as can be, but like Tom's, they're not overdone either. If only for achieving similar results, they should make the perfect gym buddies, in addition to being the perfect couple already.

GQ gives us only a bird's-eye view of the Tom Hiddleston fitness strategy. Healthy Celeb takes us into the details of his exercise and diet, claiming the following.

"Since his ripped body has played a critical role in aiding the actor stepping up the ladder of fame and glory, Tom takes superb care of his body and hones it with exercises and diet."
Further, according to the source, Tom's diet cannot have room for sugary and alcoholic beverages. So if you catch him with a smoothie in hand, it must be sugar-free. In order to fit into the role of Loki, he has to have a lot of stamina, agility, and virtually no room for fat in his lean body.

Tom also reportedly hits the gym six times a week and typically runs for miles for fitness maintenance. He stuffs himself with a lot of lean meat, particularly broiled chicken, turkey, potatoes, vegetables, brown rice, etc. In a nutshell, being Loki means that Tom Hiddleston must stay absolutely lean and yet have brute strength.

[Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]