Kylie Jenner Shows Off Diamond Ring, Are She And Tyga Engaged?

Kylie Jenner debuted a new ring days ago, but is it an engagement ring?

Just weeks into their reconciled relationship, which came to a temporary end in early May, Kylie Jenner and Tyga were faced with rumors of a possible engagement after she posted a photo of the massive diamond ring, which she wore on her ring finger, on Snapchat.

On July 11, In Touch Weekly shared a photo of Kylie Jenner’s new rock and labeled the item a “possible engagement ring.”

Kylie Jenner, 18, and Tyga, 26, have been steadily adding to speculation in regard to their next step for the past couple of weeks, and last week, after Jenner referred to Tyga as her “husband” in a social media video, the rapper was spotted at Polacheck’s Jewelers in Calabasas, California with a ring-sized bag. However, according to a couple of recent reports, the ring is not an engagement ring.

“It’s a promise ring, as in ‘I promise I’ll be good, and for my good behavior will you marry me someday’ ring,” a source close to the couple told Hollywood Life last week. “Tyga knows [Kylie Jenner] has given him way more chances than he deserves, so to express his appreciation, he wanted to present her with a grand gesture.”

Kylie Jenner and Tyga split in May after months of rumors regarding his possible infidelity and days later, he surfaced with another woman, Demi Rose Mawby, in Cannes. Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner began spending time with hip hop artist PartyNextDoor in Los Angeles.

Although Kylie Jenner’s ring may not be an engagement ring, the source went on to reveal that the lip kit mogul is extremely proud of her new bling and intends to show it off wherever she possibly can, which she hopes will prove Tyga’s love and dedication to her.

“[Kylie Jenner] wants to flash anywhere and everywhere because her friends, and especially her sisters, have been telling her to dump Tyga because he doesn’t treat her well enough and he’ll never commit!” the source added.

The source even claimed Kylie Jenner and Tyga had been talking about marriage.

“Both of them know they’re better off waiting, but they’re impulsive kids, so who knows what can happen?” the source added.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s relationship was said to have begun years ago when Jenner was underage, but as expected, the couple didn’t go public with their romance until Jenner’s 18th birthday last summer. Since then, Kylie Jenner has been involved in regular feuds with Tyga’s ex-fiancee, Blac Chyna, who is currently engaged to Jenner’s brother, Rob Kardashian, and expecting her second child later this year.

“[Kylie Jenner] has brought up marriage with Tyga to her friends lately, both jokingly and seriously,” a second source told E! News, adding that Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend “have talked about it before too.”

“It wouldn’t happen now but she’s been thinking about it more and wants a future with him,” the source explained.

Kylie Jenner “doing really well again,” the source said. “They are super in love! Every time they take time apart, they come back closer than ever. It’s kind of a cycle for them but the break was good for them. It made them miss each other and appreciate each other more.”

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[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]