Bernie Sanders Supporters React To Hillary Clinton Endorsement

Bernie Sanders might have publically endorsed Hillary Clinton Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean all of his supporters are ready to do the same, reported NBC Philadelphia. While some Bernie Sanders supporters are quick to endorse Hillary Clinton in order to avoid a Trump presidency at all costs, others are having a tough time believing that she will deliver the level of change that mobilized so many people to “Feel The Bern.”

Bernie Sanders took to the stage with Hillary Clinton at his side Tuesday afternoon in a high school gym in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Senator Sanders admitted defeat and threw his support behind Clinton, but many of his supporters are expressing anger and outrage at the move, while others remain adamant that his run for the presidency is legitimate, and still others seem ready to vote for Hillary in November.

In some cases, the hysteria even reached a fevered pitch.

And this last group isn’t showing signs of backing Hillary Rodham Clinton anytime in the near future. Ironically, their refusal to stand together could potentially be a good thing for Donald Trump’s bid to claim the White House, and some Bernie supporters are coming right out and saying so.

Even “The Donald” himself chimed in on the Bernie-bashing, saying Sanders “has abandoned his supporters.”

And Dr. Jill Stein, who is heading the progressive Green Party, also threw in her two cents this afternoon.

Despite the ill will of his disgruntled followers and opponents, the numbers really do speak for themselves. Bernie Sanders ran a successful campaign, capturing nearly 1,900 delegates who are still expected to cast their votes for him later this month at the Democratic National Convention. According to a mass email titled “Forever Forward” that went out to Bernie Sanders supporters ahead of his endorsement of Hillary Clinton, the Sanders campaign has also mobilized more than 13 million voters nationwide over the last 15 months and won at total of 23 Democratic primary and caucus contests. So what happens to all of this momentum, now that it appears Sanders supporters will have to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump this November?

According to The Washington Post, all signs indicate that Hillary is listening to Bernie supporters and is moving her platform to reflect more of their main issues. In fact, the Bernie Sanders campaign also sent out an email to its supporters a few weeks ago asking them to name their most urgent agenda items.

For example, Clinton announced in early July that she would be moving dramatically in the direction of one of the most important pillars of Bernie’s agenda by substantially expanding her proposal for improving access to a college education.

“This, taken with other recent Sanders victories, basically means that Sanders’ movement is succeeding.”

In fact, the Democratic party has also moved in a more progressive direction on a number of other fronts following the success of Bernie Sanders’ campaign. This includes the party platform commitments to a $15 minimum wage, expanding Social Security, making health care universal through expanding Medicare or a public option, breaking up too-big-to-fail institutions, and a slew of other smaller measures, all designed to regulate Wall Street, spend more on the nation’s infrastructure, and create jobs.

“His candidacy will have a lasting legacy on the party.”

Regardless, it’s obvious from today’s social media backlash that many Bernie Sanders supporters are definitely left feeling “Berned.” And in at least one potential future reality, this could lead to an increase in voter apathy and even a Trump presidency if enough supporters are swayed to the other side out of frustration and a deep dislike of Hillary Clinton.

Still, there are also many Bernie supporters who are expressing their support for HRC. They are moved by a desire to defeat Trump and ensure that the voters elect a Democrat to the White House in November no matter what.

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