‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Rachel Asks Tracy For Help, Nikolas And Ava Butt Heads, And Laura Shares Big News With Lulu

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s episode note that there will be drama on many fronts. Jason, Sam, Ava, and Nikolas are at Cassadine Island, but someone else mysterious is there as well. There is intense drama on the way related to Julian, Anna, and Alexis, and Rachel will be reaching out to Tracy for some help. What else is coming up during the July 12 show?

As everybody saw on Monday’s episode, Jason and Sam discovered a man supposedly named Theo lurking around the estate. He claimed to be a fisherman whose boat got stranded on the island, but GH spoilers have teased that he will actually turn out to be Valentin Cassadine. Previews tease that as Jason and Sam try to figure out the real deal with Theo, he will ask her if Nikolas is there.

Jason and Sam locked Nikolas and Ava in a bedroom, and the two actually got a bit frisky with one another. However, Ava also found the diamonds on him and pushed him regarding whether he was the one who poisoned Helena, as Ava found Helena’s diary in the room. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps note that Nikolas will be trying to get rid of Ava, but chances are that she won’t be easily dispatched after all she has seen and learned.

Finn’s job has been reinstated, and Rachel has offered to try to help him with the difficult situation regarding his medications. He was quite riled up during Monday’s show over this, but GH spoilers detail that Rachel will not be walking away despite his agitation.

Rachel has reached out to Tracy, and she will ask Tracy to help her with her plan. These two have had a dramatic relationship ever since Rachel first came to town, and viewers will be curious to see if the common interest of helping Finn will bring the two ladies back to the same team again.

Spencer told Laura that Nikolas is still alive and staged his death, and General Hospital spoilers share that Laura will track down Lulu and share the news with her. The women will surely be relieved to know that Nikolas is still alive, but they’re upset over what he put them through by allowing them to believe that he was dead.

In addition, as We Love Soaps notes, Laura will be making an admission about how much she has come to rely on Kevin. Fans have a hunch that a romance will eventually develop between these two, but the show is moving this along very slowly at this point.

There is a bit ahead regarding Julian during Tuesday’s show as well. The last that viewers saw, Alexis had stabbed him during the drama down at the pier and Sonny had manipulated the evidence to take the blame. Julian will recover, he made it clear that he isn’t done with Alexis yet. General Hospital spoilers detail that Anna will visit Julian and this will be an intense confrontation.

Anna has been looking to get justice for Duke’s death for some time now, but will she be satisfied with how this progresses? GH spoilers have shared that after this confrontation, Anna will be leaving town for a while, but she will be back a little while down the line. Teasers from Soap Central indicate that she will be shaken up by what is said during this discussion, and viewers know that there is more to come with this situation before everything is fully resolved.

How will Valentin Cassadine figure into the drama ahead? Will Tracy and Rachel be able to work together to help Finn? What comes next for Nikolas and Ava? General Hospital spoilers note that there are juicy twists and turns on the way, and fans will not want to miss what comes next.

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