Brandi Glanville Hangs Out With Erika Girardi, Returning For 'RHOBH' Season 7?

Will viewers be seeing Brandi Glanville on Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? On Monday, Brandi posted a photo that hinted that may be the case. The photo shows Brandi hanging out with Season 6 cast member Erika Girardi, also known by her performer name, Erika Jayne.

Brandi and Erika attended a movie premiere together. The photo shows them wearing matching outfits and Google Glass. Brandi posted the same photo to her Instagram page, where she clarified that she and Erika were going to walk the red carpet for a movie that they did together.

"So excited to be walking the red carpet soon for a movie I did with this beauty @theprettymess"
Several people left comments expressing excitement that this could mean that Brandi will be seen on Season 7 of Real Housewives, which is currently filming.
Erika was equally excited for the night out with Brandi. She responded to Brandi's tweet with a smiley emoji.
Erika joined Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a friend of Yolanda Foster. Erika and Yolanda explained that they met one another and became friends through their husbands. Erika has been married for 17 years to attorney Tom Girardi. During the filming of Season 6, Yolanda was married to music composer David Foster.

Brandi Glanville appeared briefly on Season 6 during two episodes. In her first scene, Brandi visited Yolanda while she was sick in bed. Yolanda told Brandi that the other housewives were questioning her Lyme disease and that Lisa Rinna felt enraged over her having lunch with Brandi and Kim Richards, but not going to Erika's dinner party later on. Brandi criticized Lisa, going so far as claiming that all the glue from her wig was affecting her brain.

In another scene, Brandi and Kim had a picnic lunch with Yolanda in a park. Brandi and Kim sympathized with Yolanda as she complained about people moving on from her now that she's sick.

Yolanda announced the night Season 6 premiered in November of 2015 that she and David were divorcing after four years of marriage. The demise of Yolanda's marriage to David was addressed in a late Season 6 episode. In that episode, Erika was shown visiting Yolanda in hew new condo. Yolanda said that the other housewives texted her when they heard the public divorce announcement, but that she remained hesitant to open up to them. Yolanda added that Erika was the only one she confided in. As for why she and David were divorcing, Yolanda said that people shouldn't be together once they stop making each other happy. Erika, who divorced once prior to her marriage to Tom, agreed that divorce is painful.

In June, Yolanda, who starred on Real Housewives since Season 3, announced that she was leaving the show via an Instagram post. In her lengthy message, Yolanda said that she's now focusing on her health, family and gaining back some privacy. As for whether she decided to leave the show on her own, quit after being demoted to a "friend" role, or was completely fired, that is not clear. Yolanda started off her message by stating that she would have liked a better ending than Season 6. but then ended her message with the word "CHOICE."

With Yolanda gone, at least from the starring cast, where does that leave Erika Girardi, aka Erika Jayne? It's widely presumed that she's returning for Season 7, considering that she became a bit of a fan favorite and left a very memorable impression on viewers. During an interview with Access Hollywood in June, Erika teased that she can't yet say whether she's returning for another season.
"Who said I was coming back? Oh I can't say [smiles and laughs]. I know nothing [smiles]."
Erika did comment, however, on the departure of Yolanda from the show.
"Well I mean, it's terrible but she has to do what's right for her. And she's getting stronger every day and we wish her well in her journey and that doesn't stop my friendship with her. I was just on the phone with her like two days ago anyways so nothing changes except she's not on camera."
Erika and Brandi were never shown meeting one another during the sixth season. Erika expressed bewilderment and frustration at how the other housewives kept bringing up Brandi and talking badly about her in her absence. At one point, Erika told the other housewives to concentrate on getting to know her and the other newcomer, Kathryn Edwards, better, rather than spending their energy on talking about Brandi.

During her Watch What Happens Live appearance earlier this year in January, Erika Girardi said that she met Brandi Glanville once, via Yolanda Foster. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, executive producer Andy Cohen pretty much denied in a recent Ask Andy segment that Brandi was returning to replace Yolanda on the cast. Yet now that it seems that Erika, Yolanda, and Brandi are all friends, perhaps if Erika does appear on The Real Housewives of BeverlyHills Season 7 as a starring cast member, viewers will indeed see both Brandi and Yolanda popping up in a scene or two with Erika.

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