Bullied Bus Monitor Collects $703,833 Check

When a video of a bullied bus monitor went viral earlier this year, Max Sidorov decided to start a charity campaign to send the woman on a nice vacation. Well, Karen Klein can spend the rest of her life on vacation now that she’s received a $703,833 check.

The Edmonton Journal reports that Sidorov started a campaign on Indiegogo with the initial goal of raising $5000 for the bullied bus monitor. A spokesman for the site said that Sidorov surpassed his goal within hours, and, after two days, he had raised $500,000. Sidorov said that the fund received donations from more than 30,000 people from 84 different counties.

CBS reports that Klein has retired from her $15,506 salary job at Athena Middle School and plans on starting a bullying foundation.

Klein said:

“It’s hard to believe that people donated like that. I paid my car, I paid my house off.”

Radar Online reports that Klein is planning on using $100,000 to start an anti-bullying foundation. She will also donate some money to special needs charities. Oh, and she’s also going to go on a real long vacation.

Here’s a video of the bullied bus monitor receiving her $700,000 check.

The fundraising effort was started after a cellphone video of Karen Klein getting harassed on a school bus went viral. On the video, a group of young boys are heard calling Klein names and saying terrible things like her family had committed suicide because they didn’t want to talk to her.

Are you happy for Karen Klein? Are you glad that she’s using the money to fight bullying?