Julianne Moore Talks Complicated Relationships And ‘Maggie’s Plan’ [Spoilers]

Julianne Moore has been hit with a nasty bout of the flu, according to the Daily Mail. The Oscar-winning actress picked up the flu while traveling around Europe. And although the 55-year-old Still Alice actress felt sniffly, she still agreed to be interviewed by the Daily Mail’s Martyn Palmer.

Julianne Moore’s fans may be used to seeing their favorite actress looking glamorous and beautiful during her red carpet appearances, but there is no telling when she catches the flu. She has the same scratchy voice and the same pale complexion.

And that’s exactly how Julianne Moore showed up for her interview with Palmer in her Berlin hotel, and she even added to the look by sipping on hot water with honey and lemon throughout the interview. Julianne Moore, who has been happily married to Bart Freundlich since 2003, opened up about complicated relationships in the modern world and broke a few taboos.

In her latest film, Maggie’s Plan, Julianne Moore plays the role of a woman who becomes friends with her ex-husband’s new wife. And while befriending an ex’s new spouse seems unusual, the actress herself knows how to explain that situation, as she has been married twice.

Julianne Moore is one of the best actresses in current times, having won her first Oscar last year for her role in Still Alice. Over the years of her acting career, the American-British actress has received five Best Actress nominations for her roles in Still Alice, Boogie Nights, The End of the Affair, Far from Heaven, and The Hours.

But even when Julianne Moore is sick, she doesn’t complain. And that’s one of her signature style features.

“Really, I’ll be fine. I’m flying home tomorrow to my family. Let’s do it.”

Julianne Moore is all about family life. And not just in her personal life, but also in her new film, Maggie’s Plan. In the film, Moore, who is currently married to Bart Freundlich, plays a woman named Georgette, whose marriage is crumbling.

Maggie, whose name is mentioned in the title, is a single woman who desperately wants to have kids. And so she goes to her old college friend to be her sperm donor. But then all of a sudden Maggie falls in love with John, played by Ethan Hawke, who happens to be Julianne Moore character’s husband.

John decides to leave his wife (played by Julianne Moore) and their two children to start a new family with Maggie. But surprise, surprise, John, you’re not going too far away from your ex-wife. It happens that Maggie and Georgette, who at first were understandably not fond of one another, become close friends.

And since John, Maggie, and Georgette all have shared parenting duties in this big family, they all see the importance of having common ground. The story is unique because first and second wives rarely become friends.

In other news, Julianne Moore and singer and new father John Legend recently spoke up about the mass shooting at a gay nightclub that took place in Orlando last month, according to the Mirror.

A gunman at the club killed 49 people and was later shot by police. Julianne Moore and Legend mourned those killed in the massacre and urged U.S. Congress to work out gun law reform to prevent similar mass shootings in the country.

In his tweet shortly after the news about the Orlando massacre went viral in the media, Legend tweeted, “When will we do something to prevent these killing sprees?”

Julianne Moore, in turn, posted a few links campaigning for gun law reform and asked in her tweet how many more people have to be killed before America will “act as a nation to EndGunViolence?”

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