Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne Work Out Their Issues, More In Love Than Ever

It looked like Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne were going to get a divorce and move on from each other, but it turns out that is not the case. Now, Us Magazine is sharing that Ozzy and Sharon have worked it out and are back together once again.

When they first split, Sharon shared that she just needed some time to think. Sharon and Ozzy have been married for 34 years, so splitting from him was not a decision she would make lightly. Now, two months later, the word is out that they are back together again. Sharon and Ozzy have been through a lot over the years.

An insider shared that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have fallen in love again. They did go to therapy sessions, and that seems to be what really helped out their relationship. It all fell apart when Sharon found out about Ozzy's alleged affair with an L.A.-based celebrity hairstylist. She was heartbroken after going through his emails and finding out he was having an affair. Sharon and Ozzy have dealt with a lot of issues in the past as well.

Back in May, Sharon and Ozzy were seen together at the Ozzfest Meets Knotfest in Hollywood. Looking at them together, it was very obvious that they were not happy and that something was going on. Ozzy was trying to put his arm around her, but Sharon wasn't showing him any affection back. Onlookers could tell that she was upset with him over something. She wasn't really trying to hide that something was going on.

An insider revealed that Ozzy Osbourne wanted it to work really bad and would do anything he could.

The inside shared, "He'll go to any lengths necessary to repair the damage. He wants his family back."

It looks like Ozzy Osbourne was able to win her back.

At this time, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne haven't revealed that they are back together and are not sharing any details. Their fans would love to hear it straight from them, but they just don't seem ready to share anything just yet.

Hollywood Life revealed back in May that Ozzy Osbourne had left the woman he was having an affair with so that he could try to work things out with Sharon. At the time, an insider shared that he would do anything to fix their relationship.

The source said, "His family really is very important to him, and he came to his senses. Sharon is Ozzy's whole life; he can't manage without her."

Sharon actually kicked Ozzy out of the house.

The insider went on to share more details, saying, "Ozzy has trouble getting through the day without Sharon telling him what to do. He hates it but loves it all the same time."

After being together for so long, it is really hard to change things up that much. Instead, they are working through their issues.

The source also shared that Kelly Osbourne thought her parents would end up getting back together. It turns out that she was right, and they are doing well at this time. Hopefully, it will work out for them and they can fix their marriage issues. Sharon and Ozzy have been together for 34 years and have three children together. This couple has been through a lot over the years, but only time will tell if they can work it all out.

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[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]