Tom Hanks’ Mother Dies; Actor To Score Oscars 2017 Best Actor Nomination For ‘Sully’?

In breaking news, Tom Hanks appears to have announced the death of his mother, Janet Marylyn Frager, in a Twitter post.

Tom Hanks has most likely just scored himself an Oscar nomination, according to Metro. And probably not only for himself in the Best Actor category but also for his new movie, Sully, for a Best Picture nomination.

Although there are still seven months to go until the Academy Awards 2017, there is a high chance that the world will soon witness an Oscar-worthy performance from Tom Hanks. And that’s exactly what films critics are currently talking about now that they have seen the trailer for Sully directed by Oscar-winner Clint Eastwood.

Sully is centered on heroic US pilot Chesley Sullenberger (played by Tom Hanks), who successfully landed US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River in New York City in 2009, preventing a disaster that could have killed 155 people aboard.

Sullenberger, who is known as “Sully,” made history by performing the lowest landing of any jet in history while both of his jet’s engines underwent failure after they had been hit by a flock of geese. In the film, Tom Hanks will show what it was like for Sullenberger to live after the incident.

In particular, Tom Hanks will have to channel Sully’s experience of battling with shock after the incident, as well as the investigation of the whole thing. Tom Hanks could, in fact, win his third Oscar in the best leading role category at next year’s Oscars as the 59-year-old actor does an excellent job at playing Sully, as seen from the trailer.

And with guidance and direction from Oscar-winner Eastwood, Tom Hanks’ chances of winning that Oscar next year increase even more. In fact, Sully is the first most probable contender for the Oscars 2017 race that the world has seen this year. The film hits cinemas in December this year.

Watch the trailer for Tom Hanks’ role in Sully below.

The film is somewhat similar to Denzel Washington’s Flight, according to Forbes. And if Tom Hanks’ Sully is indeed similar to Flight, then the film has a great chance of a bright future, since the Robert Zemeckis-directed Flight grossed $161 million worldwide while its budget was only $31 million.

And that’s given the fact that most of those who will watch Sully will already be aware of the incident that took place a little more than seven years ago. Many film critics hope that Tom Hanks will be offered a chance to portray the testimony given by Sully before the U.S. House of Representatives, during which he detailed the terrible cost-cutting measures in the piloting industry.

Even though A Hologram for the King was somewhat of a failure for Tom Hanks (the film was the actor’s third-lowest grossing film in his career), it’s expected that the actor, who recently turned 60, will eclipse the film’s meager performance and bring his best possible performance for Sully.

In fact, taking into account his three most recent successes, Bridge of Spies (which grossed $165 million worldwide), Saving Mr. Banks (which grossed $117 million) and Captain Phillips (which grossed $218 million), there is a high chance Tom Hanks is still more than capable of great acting.

In any event, Tom Hanks is in the right hands for this project as Oscar-winning Clint Eastwood is directing the film, which hits theaters in December this year. And Sully is not the only film that could bring him an Oscar nomination next year as his upcoming film, Inferno, hits theaters this October.

And another great thing about Sully(in addition to Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood) is that it will be shot entirely on digital IMAX cameras. In fact, it beats Avengers: Infinity War 1 by 20 months in that regard.

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