Conspiracy Theorist David Icke World Tour Includes Talks About 9/11, Human Microchipping

David Icke, a former BBC journalist-turned-conspiracy theorist, will be holding 12-hour seminars in several cities across the world. The British author will be speaking at Australian events in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney later this month. He will also make appearances in Auckland, New Zealand, as well as several U.S. cities in the coming months.

The Worldwide Wake-Up Tour will feature Icke talking about some of his wildest concepts, including how the 9/11 attacks were faked and that many prominent world leaders are alien reptiles.

While some of his theories might get him ridiculed in most places, Icke has a substantial base of devoted followers. Tickets to his seminars cost upwards of $140, and thousands of people are paying to see him.

The 64-year-old is convinced the United States manufactured the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center's Twin Towers. As part of a much larger plan to control the public, the U.S. needed a reason to substantiate the war on terror, which continues today.

Icke says the explanation of the attacks seemed to defy logic.

"Wherever you look, it doesn't make sense. The story of how those planes were flown and who flew them makes no sense at all. How those buildings came down makes no sense, either. It's not just me saying it, it's experts in those fields saying it."

On the same day as the attacks, the U.S. military was conducting multiple military training operations involving airplanes being hijacked, Icke added. According to him, many planes that could have been used to respond to the terrorists were placed strategically far away.

Icke believes the story the White House gave is full of holes, but the media took it without question.

"The official version of events gets given to the journalist and it gets passed on virtually undiluted to the public. And so you sell your manufactured movie to the people and... crucially you want people to be afraid. Then you can play your sting."

Phantom Self, Icke's most recent book, examines the treacherous path the world is taking toward human microchipping. The controversial writer lays out how a mysterious group is systematically taking over using technology.

The first phase of the plan is to get people addicted to technology they can hold. Electronic devices, such as smartphones, become irresistible and necessary to function in daily life.

The second part entails wearables, like Google glasses and smart watches. Then, the obvious third stage is "implantables." Within four years, Icke is confident microchips inside the body will be as common as the mobile phone is today.

Why does Icke fear human-integrated electronics? He thinks once the chips are implanted into the human brain, our perception of the world can be permanently altered. By hacking into the mind, a person's "sense of reality" can be remotely controlled.

"Transhumanists say that by putting technology inside us we are going to be super human but we're actually going to be sub-human. We will become computer terminals."

Icke is probably most famous for his strange theory about the existence of a "Babylonian Brotherhood." This shadowy group made up of shape-shifting reptilian humanoids is secretly controlling world events. The ultimate goal of the Brotherhood, which includes the British royal family, is to microchip the human race and establish a fascist world government.

The theory states that an alien race interbred with humans at some point in history, creating the lizard shape-shifters. These mutant humans, including many U.S. presidents and Adolf Hitler, have taken positions of power for generations.

David Icke thinks it is insane to believe humans are alone on this planet. People who say there is no extraterrestrial life are "ignorant" and "programmed from birth." During a 1991 BBC interview, Icke claimed he was the son of God and the end of the world was coming within six years.

[Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images]