June 29, 2017
Matt Damon's 15 Year Dream Comes To Life With 'The Runner' Broadcast Live 3 Times A Day

Matt Damon will return to cinemas when he reprises his role as Jason Bourne in the latest installment of the Bourne films. This will be the first time that Matt Damon will be featured in a movie from the Bourne series since the release of the 2007 installment, Bourne Ultimatum. According to Cinema Blend, Matt Damon announced that he would not work in a Bourne film if it was directed by anyone other than Paul Greengrass.

For that reason, Matt Damon did not work in the 2012 film, Bourne Legacy, as Paul Greengrass wasn't directing the movie. Luckily, Greengrass is back in the director's chair for this latest installment, much to the delight of Matt Damon and his fans.

Just Jared reports that the 45-year-old actor attended the premiere of Jason Bourne, which was held at Hoyts Entertainment Quarter last Sunday in Sydney.

Apart from thrilling his Australian fans, Matt Damon also promoted his upcoming movie in Los Angeles by playing a rather unusual prank. According to News Australia, the prank, which was filmed at The Grove in Los Angeles, shows a passerby who hurriedly asked unsuspecting people to complete specific tasks.

Matt Damon then called the confused strangers by introducing himself as Jason Bourne. As Bourne, Matt Damon gave instructions to the people to help them to complete the tasks which included complimenting someone's children, buying a hot dog, and collecting envelopes from a mystery man. The people involved in the prank were then guided to a car park where they received the surprise of their lives when Matt Damon himself emerged to give them free tickets to the premiere of his upcoming Jason Bourne.

The Bourne franchise may have made Matt Damon a famous celebrity all over the world, but some of Matt's best movies are those in which he worked along with his childhood friend, Ben Affleck. The story of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's friendship is one of the most popular narratives in the history of cinema.The duo first teamed up when they played extras in the 1989 movie Field of Dreams. Later, they worked together in movies like School Ties and Glory Daze. The childhood friends struck gold when the duo won an Oscar Award for writing the original screenplay for Good Will Hunting, the movie that undoubtedly launched their careers.In 2001, Matt Damon and his childhood friend co-produced Project Greenlight, an American documentary television series that provided a platform for first-time filmmakers to showcase their talent and earn a deal to make their first feature film. Matt Damon went on to produce Stolen Summer, The Battle of Shaker Heights, and Feast, all of which were based on scripts that were selected as a part of Project Greenlight. Now, AOL reports that Matt Damon has once again teamed with Ben Affleck to produce The Runner, an interactive live action show that the actor has been planning to produce for the past fifteen years.Even though the famous pair has worked together on a number of projects over the years since Good Will Hunting, it will be The Runner that will enable the two friends to see their dream project come to life. The show will feature a chosen individual who attempts to make it across the country undetected by evading "chasers," a group of participants who will make every attempt to stop the contestant. All of America will be spying on the runner, providing assistance where possible to assist them to achieve their mission by providing relevant clues. The chasers will also be provided clues about the whereabouts of the runner, and they will win the bounty on the runner's head if they are able to catch them. Matt Damon's groundbreaking and innovative show will be played out over the course of a 30 day period and will be telecast live three times daily on go90 and AOL.com.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spike TV]