Alex Ramirez: Police Say ‘Pokémon GO’ Murder Witness A Scam — Uber Driver Faked A Hoax [Video]

Warning: The above video contains language that might be offensive to some viewers.

The Pokémon GO game continues to dominate the news since becoming the top-grossing app in the iTunes App Store. Now Pokémon GO is gaining more attention since a YouTube star claims he witnessed a murder while streaming Pokémon GO in Beaumont, Texas.

As reported by Gizmodo, Alex Ramirez was streaming Pokémon GO live as the Uber driver claimed he witnessed a murder. Ramirez can be heard in the below video cursing and refusing to give his phone number to 911 since he was live with many people listening. As the livestream cut off, after Alex claimed that the person who had committed the murder was following him, Ramirez had plenty of his followers worrying about whether or not he was in any danger after witnessing such a horrible murder.

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Now there’s confusion over whether Ramirez really witnessed a murder or the dumping of a dead body or not while playing Pokémon GO. At least one local police member thinks the murder claims are a hoax. In the below video, Alex — of the YouTube channel titled AlexRamiGaming — can be heard yelling and cursing and claiming that he’d just been a witness to an unbelievable murder.

Alex claims that a black Chevy Silverado followed him after he saw the dead body dumped in front of the Trinity United Methodist Church in Beaumont. However, Sergeant Cody Guedry of the Beaumont Police Department refuted claims that a dead body was found in that location.

Pokémon GO is already in the news because of the odd things that have happened whilst some folks have played the game. Injuries have been reported and one woman found a dead body while playing Pokémon GO.

Now folks are wondering if that was Alex’s motivation for claiming he witnessed a murder while playing Pokémon GO.

Ramirez now has more than 135,000 YouTube subscribers and can be heard in the below video crying over being fired from Uber, showing that his Uber account was deactivated. Alex bemoaned the fact that he thought he was fired and blamed kids on YouTube for reporting him to Uber for playing Pokémon GO when he had downtime in between his Uber passengers.

“This is the only way I support my family and you guys f***** with that.”

That’s when the YouTube channel called “DramaAlert” let the world know Alex was fired and linked to the GoFundMe page for Ramirez, which has been taken down. It had reached more than $5,000 before being shut down. However, the new video from “Scarce” below has received nearly 3 million views, explaining the situation.

Pokémon GO did not actually cause Alex to get fired from his job, because although Uber confirmed that Ramirez had his Uber account suspended this past weekend due to reports that Alex was playing Pokémon GO while driving, Uber said that Alex was not fired.

Ramirez might have indeed witnessed something weird while playing Pokémon GO. Or Ramirez might have been trying to bring buzz to his YouTube account. The YouTube account called BiblicalReaper contacted the Beaumont Police Department and was told Alex’s claims of witnessing a murder weren’t true and that police think it was a scam.

As seen in the below video, the police tell the YouTuber that it was “fake and wasn’t real.”

Reactions to Ramirez’s story can be seen in part below.

“Seems too real to be staged to me. I mean the way the woman stopped to talk (prob to her superiors about whether they can disclose such information) makes it seem like it was completely legit. She probably didn’t get the permission to disclose the info.”

“IF this is true, I can’t believe this! This is just nuts man. What’s wrong with the world we live in…Thank you for going the extra mile to check and see if this guy was actually telling the truth or not!”

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