January 15, 2017
Jill Duggar Talks About Husband Derick Dillard's Near-Death Experience, Couple To Return To U.S. Soon

Jill Duggar responded to the claim that her husband, Derick Dillard, doesn't look healthy right now. She tells a story about how he almost died and barely escaped death not too long ago. She also reveals that they plan to make a trip back to the States and enjoy some time with her family.

It's pretty obvious that Derick and Jill feel very strongly about their work in El Salvador. They believe they are helping others and spreading the word of God at the same time. Since arriving in the third-world country, Duggar fans have commented how Derick has started to look ill. He has lost a significant amount of weight and doesn't look as healthy as he once did.

Jill explained in a blog that Derick's near-death experience was an act of God. Apparently, it is the rainy season in her location, and Derick was almost hit by lightning. It sounded incredibly scary but wasn't the health update the Duggar fans were expecting.

The Stir reports that Derick stopped a few minutes to talk to one of his friends just a ways from their home. Apparently, that was when lightning struck the tree that was directly in front of their house, hitting the water on the ground that led to their porch.

"A minute or so later while they were still talking a little ways from the house, a bolt of lightning hit the tree next to our house!"

Jill explained that everyone was surprised by the act of God. It knocked Derick's friend off his feet. She explained that she was inside the home with her son, and missed the whole ordeal. She took that time to thank God for keeping everyone safe and reported that no one was injured. It could have a very different outcome if Derick was on his way home like he was supposed to be at that exact moment.

"We were talking later with some of our friends and realized that had this friend not stopped Derick to talk with him, Derick could've been walking through the water as he headed to our house and could've been electrocuted by the lightening [sic] through the water on the ground."

Earlier in the week, the Duggar family Facebook page revealed that only Jill and Derick were missing from the family get-together, but they would be home shortly. Many fans were shocked as they thought that Jill was dedicated to remaining in Central America to spread the word of God and help the community.

Jill later posted on her blog, the Dillard Family Blog, that her family plans to return to the States for a few weeks, but they will return to their home in El Salvador. Duggar went on to explain how they are making the people's life better in the community and said she never thought she'd consider her little house their home, but she does now. Jill explains that they have been in Central America for over a year now.

"It has been ten months since we visited the States. We think it's time to come back for a brief visit, only to return back to our home in Central America."
Duggar explained that she appreciates the concern over their safety in El Salvador, but they are careful and, to the best of their knowledge, do not have the Zika virus or any other horrible disease. She explained Derick's weight loss, saying he's eating differently and not consuming so much junk food because it is unavailable to them in their current location.

Duggar followers, do you believe Jill (Duggar) Dillard's explanation for her husband's deteriorating appearance? Is it possible they are returning to see a doctor or is it for a visit like she claims? Stick with the Inquisitr for more Duggar family news and updates.

[Image via Jill Dillard/Instagram]