Dustin Pedroia Rushes Off Field As Wife Goes Into Labor [Video]

Dustin Pedroia was pulled off the field during a game against the New York Yankees on Wednesday, but the Boston Red Sox second baseman hadn’t done anything wrong.

Instead, it was news that his wife Kelli was going into labor that sent Pedroia rushing off of the field and out of Fenway Park, USA Today reported. His wife had been watching from the stands, but sometime around the seventh inning she started going into labor.

As the Red Sox were warming up before the seventh inning began, Boston manager Bobby Valentine came from the dugout to deliver the news to Dustin Pedroia. The player, visibly surprised by the news, rushed off the field and into the dugout, getting a high five along the way.

It’s not the first time that family has come before baseball for Dustin Pedroia, the Yahoo! Sports blog Big League Stew reported. In 2009 he skipped the All-Star Game when Kelli ran into complications with the couple’s first child, a son named Dylan.

But this time the game counted toward the Red Sox final record, and came against the hated Yankees no less. Dustin Pedroia was also having a good night, with two hits, including a fourth-inning double, when he left for the hospital.

Yankees fans didn’t seem to mind the departure. MSNBC host Willie Geist, a big New York fan, was given control of the Yankees Twitter account for the night. He left Pedroia this message:

Though it was a happy day for Dustin Pedroia, Boston Red Sox fans weren’t so lucky. His team went on to lose to the Yankees 5-4.