'RHONY' Ramona Fired By Hair Extension Company 'You're Not Angelina Jolie!'

In another huge fail for a "celebrity brand ambassador" deal, the hair extension company that partnered with RHONY Ramona Singer has decided to fire her, as she is not worth the aggravation. Ramona Singer, who referred to LUX Beauty Club as her own business, was called out for being a diva and "not worth all of the trouble." Singer has since fired back, seeming to acknowledge that she is not the owner of the company, but reportedly saying that she has a contract, and they cannot terminate her.

According to the Inquisitr, this is hardly the first time that RHONY Ramona Singer has been accused of obnoxious or erratic behavior, but Sonja Morgan says that this is all easily explained if fans realize that Ramona is hooked on pills. Admittedly, Ramona also says that Sonja is hooked on pills. Ramona says that she started taking pills for anxiety during her much-publicized divorce from Mario Singer, but Ramona says that she has since stopped taking them. The cast of RHONY seems to question this assertion.

Page Six broke the news and shared the angry tirade from Victoria Flores of LUX Beauty Club about RHONY Ramona Singer and her unprofessional behavior. Ramona has claimed publicly that the company is her own and the products are her creation, but it seems that she is just a brand ambassador who was brought in for promotion. Victoria Flores sent a scathing email, seemingly ending their business deal, as Ramona is not pulling her weight.

Flores referred to the behavior of Ramona Singer as "diva-like" and told her that despite her behavior, "you are not Angelina Jolie!"

"We were incredibly disappointed with your attitude at Harmons and our [return on investment] on you has been less than overwhelmed. I can't build a business with someone that fights me on everything I need them to do, and I want to partner with people that care about my business and are not motivated by blinding greed. This isn't working out for me anymore."
But Flores was not done and continued to spell things out for Ramona Singer in a language she could understand, telling her that she was not the first choice to be a brand ambassador, but their budget did not allow them to go after someone big like Rita Ora. Ouch! Flores just wanted to remind Ramona that she needed to stay in her lane.

"You have been nothing but disrespectful... We would have never agreed to bring you on as a Brand Ambassador if we had been [a bigger company]... I would have given [a household name like] Rita Ora a part of my company, NOT Ramona Singer."
Us Weekly reported the response from RHONY Ramona Singer, who claims she can't be fired because LUX can't afford to pay out her contract. Ramona says that if asking to be paid for the time she has invested is being a diva, then she is a diva. Ramona claims that she didn't realize that LUX was so under-funded.

Ramona claims that for several months of promotion, she has only been paid $1,000. But Flores claims that Ramona has done more to hurt the company than to help, and she questions every decision as if she were the president of the company rather than a spokesperson.

But Victoria Flores says that she is "horrified" that the emails she sent to Ramona got leaked. It seems that they were meant to be private and were written with passion in the hopes of making a point to work things out.

"They were supposed to be private between Ramona and me. We're all adults, so I hope we can sit down and work out our differences. We're a startup, so we can't afford to be giving all of our money to brand ambassadors. We love Ramona; she's a lot of fun and Ramona is a friend to the brand. We hope to sit down and talk out our differences and continue working with her."

Although it is hard to imagine working much out after such language was thrown around, fans of RHONY have seen Ramona bounce back from far worse. Considering that Ramona says a lot of things on RHONY that she later needs to apologize for, she might just understand that Victoria Flores was simply overwhelmed.

Do you think that Ramona will continue to be the brand ambassador for LUX?

[Photo by Scott Roth/AP Images]