‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 6: Poster Teases The Evil Queen To Be Focus? New Stories And Characters Coming [Spoilers]

Once Upon A Time Season 6 is coming, and fans couldn’t be more excited. What can viewers expect from the ABC fairy tale drama? OUAT spoilers tease that a new poster was released, which hints that The Evil Queen could be the focus. Also, look forward to new stories as well as new and returning characters.

Warning: Once Upon A Time Season 6 spoilers are ahead.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, in Season 6 of OUAT, Regina (Lana Parrilla) will have The Evil Queen to deal with. She attempted to completely separate herself from her alter ego, but ended up with a bigger problem. The Evil Queen somehow survived and is not happy with Regina. The Once Upon A Time villain is determined to destroy everything in her path and show Regina what true chaos looks like.

The official Twitter account of ABC’s Once Upon A Time revealed the new poster for Season 6. The Evil Queen is shown, and she looks determined and on a mission. A close-up of her face is seen along with an apple, with one side colored red and other side painted black. A lightning bolt shoots down from the top of the poster toward the center of the apple. This cannot mean anything good. It seems to hint that there truly is a separation that goes down to the core. The words “long live the queen” are written on the poster, teasing that defeating her will be no easy task.

The Evil Queen does not need an introduction since OUAT fans know Regina’s alter ego quite well. With no other characters shown, could this mean that it will be The Evil Queen who is the focus of Season 6?

As viewers know, Mr. Hyde arrived in Storybrooke in the Season 5 finale. He is definitely going to be trouble, but perhaps he will be dealt with much quicker than Lana Parrilla’s character? Nobody, especially Regina, could have predicted that she would release the villain rather than destroy it.

It was previously teased that The Evil Queen being released means she has no sympathy for anyone. On the other hand, Regina no longer has that negative part of her. However, OUAT co-creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis hinted to Entertainment Weekly that one question in Season 6 will have to do with the separation. The Once Upon A Time showrunners pondered what really happens when someone tries to separate parts of themselves. Also, is it even possible to get rid of undesirable parts that make up an individual?

This seems to tease that there will be more problems for Regina than just The Evil Queen being released. With part of herself gone, even though it is The Evil Queen, will she change at all? Will Regina become soft and too compassionate? Perhaps Parilla’s character will be unable to fight the villain without something “bad” to balance out the good in her? Remember, The Evil Queen cannot be killed, so how will the villain be dealt with? The only way to stop The Evil Queen might be for the two to become one again.

“That’s why we did the Jekyll and Hyde [Sam Witwer] story, which was, can you really eliminate the darkness inside you?” Edward Kitsis added in his interview with Entertainment Weekly. “Is that really the best way? Those are the things we’re really looking forward to exploring this season.”

In the past few weeks, there have been casting announcements for Season 6 of Once Upon A Time. According to TV Line, Raphael Sbarge is returning to reprise his role as Dr. Archie Hopper, Jiminy Cricket’s alter ego.

Also, new characters and stories will be coming from The Land Of Untold Stories that expand beyond traditional fairy tales. In a separate report from TV Line, it was announced to expect the additions of Sinbad and Scheherezade. Morpheus, the Greek God of dreams will also be introduced. As Carter Matt speculated, Morpheus is not the first mythology character in Once Upon a Time. Last season, Hades and Hercules appeared, so it makes sense that more gods will be arriving in Storybrooke.

Once Upon A Time Season 6 premieres September 25 on ABC.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly]