California Driver Loses Control After Rear-Ending Gas Tanker Truck At High-Speed, Killing Himself And Two Young Children In 91 Freeway Crash

The California Highway Patrol said that a 33-year-old father and his two young children were tragically killed in a multi-vehicle crash on 91 freeway in Artesia. According to ABC 7, just shortly after 1 a.m. Saturday, July 9, Lavell Mann was traveling westbound near Pioneer Boulevard in his red jeep with his nine-month-old baby boy, Legend, and his 3-year-old daughter, Logan, when he suddenly rear-ended a gas tanker truck.

The collision reportedly caused the driver of the jeep to lose control, “slamming into the center median strip and landing upside down in the carpool lane.” After the crash, a black BMW slammed into the mangled truck with the father and his two children still trapped inside.

When paramedics arrived at the scene, they pronounced all passengers in the red jeep dead at the scene. Documents stated that a woman and a child in the BMW sustained non-life threatening injuries during the 91 freeway crash and were transported to Long Beach Memorial Hospital.

It was not immediately clear if the driver of the gas tanker truck sustained any injuries in the 91 freeway crash.

However, according to KTLA, California Highway Patrol officer, Jeremy Tolen, stated that speed might have played a role in the Artesia crash. He went on to say that Mann, who is a fitness trainer, was driving at high-speed before he rear-ended the gas tanker truck, causing a multi-vehicle crash that killed him and his two children.

Niya, who is the wife of the driver, lost her entire family in the deadly 91 freeway crash and posted a photo of the four of them via Instagram that stated: “My babies, I’m nothing without you two. My heart is forever broken. Logan and Legend, mommy forever will love you.”

“I will stay strong and always know that you are both looking over me with daddy. I would have given my life for every last one of you all. Man, this hurts.”

The car crash death of Lavell Mann and his children touched the hearts of several celebrities, including singer Monica Brown. She posted a picture of the family via Instagram, where she stated, “I do not know you, nor can I imagine the pain you’re in after losing your husband and children, but I do know that God is able to heal, mend, restore, and comfort. As soon as I read your story I immediately started praying for you, and I will continue to each time you cross my mind or heart.”

Love and Hip Hop New York star Cardi B also turn to social media to express her condolences to the woman, Niya, who lost her entire family in the 91 highway crash in Artesia. Cardi B said, “Wow, this woman lost her husband and her two adorable kids in a car accident. I hope and pray she’ll be okay, and I hope God give her the mighty strength.”

Following the fatal 91 freeway multi-vehicle crash, Lavell Mann’s co-workers began posting their grief via Facebook.


“His wife Niya is in our thoughts and prayers; we can only imagine the pain and grief she is suffering. We are so grateful to have had the privilege of knowing and working with such a beautiful human being and businessman.”

The No Limits Sports and Fitness Academy also posted, “Today, has been one of those life altering days, the kind of days that you will never forget. You have been part of the No Limits Family since our days back at the little fitness center on 28th. Always messing around, but I admired your hustle.”

“Thinking back to my last conversation with you yesterday, I’m struggling to realize you’re gone, but I pray that everyone that knew you finds peace. RIP Lavell, Logan, and baby Legend.”

A Go Fund Me page was created following the 911 freeway crash that killed a Lavell Mann and his two young children. Thus far they have garnered over $35,000 in donations.

[Image via AP Images / Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department]