Disney Dominates: ‘Finding Dory’ Swims Past ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ Breaking Box-Office Records

Disney is dominating the box office again this year, and with Finding Dory surpassing Captain America: Civil War — another Disney film — it has become the highest grossing U.S. film in 2016, according to GameSpot. After last weekend’s ticket sales of $20.8 million, Finding Dory took the top spot. It has yet to open in the UK, Italy, Germany, Japan, or Mexico.

Finding Dory has made approximately $423 million since its U.S. debut in June, in comparison to the $406.2 million Captain America: Civil War made in its May launch. According to Entertainment Weekly, Finding Dory is now one of only 24 films to ever reach $400 million domestically, and presently, it has made $643 million worldwide.

Disney Dominates: 'Finding Dory' Swims Past 'Captain America: Civil War' Breaking Box Office Records

Finding Dory, Captain America: Civil War, The Jungle Book, and Zootopia have already put Disney at the $5 billion mark globally this year, a record for any movie studio. With Star Wars: Rogue One opening in December, it isn’t unreasonable to expect the movie studio to hit the $6 billion mark. Disney made $5 billion last year as well, but not until December, when Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released and made a little over $2 billion worldwide. Only Avatar has beaten that record, with over $2.7 billion in global sales.

Pixar’s Finding Dory is catching up to Shrek 2’s $441.2 million performance in 2004 as the highest grossing animated movie in U.S. history. It has already surpassed The Lion King, which garnered $422.7 million domestically.

In regards to last weekend’s box office numbers supplied by Box Office Mojo, Finding Dory found it’s way to third place because of Universal Studios The Secret Life of Pets, which started out on top. The Illumination Entertainment produced animated film reigned with $104.3 million in its opening week.

Disney Dominates: 'Finding Dory' Swims Past 'Captain America: Civil War' Breaking Box Office Records

The Warner Bros. movie The Legend of Tarzan took second place with $21.6 million in its second weekend, bringing its total box office receipts to $81.7 million domestically and $135.4 million worldwide. Thus far, the Tarzan remake is performing better than expected, according to Forbes.

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The 20th Century Fox comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, starring Zac Efron, Adam Devine, Anna Kendrick, and Aubry Plaza, opened with a respectable $16.6 million domestically and $3.7 million overseas, making $20 million worldwide.

Rounding out the top five is The Purge: Election Year, the third installment in the Purge franchise, which brought in $12.3 million over the weekend. The Universal Studios film that was reportedly inspired by presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has grossed $16.6 million after its second weekend.

Finding Dory, the sequel to Finding Nemo, which came out in 2003, plays off the myth that fish have extremely short memories. The film, which comes 13 years after Finding Nemo, is getting nothing but great reviews despite highlighting how tragic and scary it would be to unable to retain memories of experiences or loved ones. The film is highly emotional and hilarious at the same time and has produced some lovable characters, one of which is Hank the octopus who is missing a tentacle. Hank has been popping up in Pixar films since the first Toy Story, and according to Romper, there is speculation that Hank could get his own movie focusing on his missing appendage.

Finding Dory has an impressive A-list cast, which stars Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Ed O’Neill, Ty Burell, Idris Elba, Eugene Levy, and Dominic West. Finding Dory is currently playing in theaters around the country and is produced by Illumination Entertainment and distributed by Disney Studios.

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