Duggar Divorce: Will It Be Jim Bob And Michelle Or Josh And Anna?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have taken a lot of heat for the actions of their son, Josh Duggar. They were criticized for allowing him to sweep a molestation scandal under the rug and dealing with it in-house rather than taking it to the police. Since the Duggars decided to side with their son over their daughters who were the victims, the public has not been too kind to them. Rumors of a Duggar divorce have been circulating for several months now. Will it be Jim Bob and Michelle who divorce, or is it Josh and Anna who are headed for the first Duggar divorce?

Rumors have indicated that things have been tense between the Duggar parents since last year when the molestation scandal broke. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had to watch as the public dragged their names through the mud, and the police report made about Josh Duggar’s inappropriate actions was released. It was during that time that their daughters were revealed to be the victims. Since they were minors, there were no names written in the report, but their ages were given. That is when the media began doing the math and figured out which Duggar sisters were involved in the incident.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, a Duggar divorce is looming. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have reportedly been having marital issues. She is upset with her husband for how things were handled with the molestation scandal and the cheating scandal. Last year was tough for the entire Duggar family, but the parents are the ones who really got all of the hatred and criticism. Many people accused them of vicious things, which led to tension between Jim Bob and Michelle. While divorce isn’t something that they agree with or believe in, it seems that the problems being reported may actually have some factual information included.

When everything came out last year, the Duggar family lost it all. TLC canceled 19 Kids & Counting, which was their main source of income. Josh Duggar cost his parents a lot, which added tension to their marriage. It seems that while they love their son, things have not been easy for Jim Bob and Michelle. She reportedly feels uncomfortable around Josh now. With everything that went on, it wouldn’t be shocking if she actually approved of Anna Duggar divorcing her son. That isn’t going to happen, especially now since the two have been doing things as a family and becoming more and more public with their adventures.

A Duggar divorce just isn’t something many see actually happening. There is a huge difference between being mad or disappointed in your spouse versus wanting to divorce them. Since Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have a covenant marriage, a divorce really isn’t an option. It appears that there is some tension between the spouses, but that won’t be enough to end their lives together. If a Duggar divorce was to take place at all, it would definitely be one of the children and their spouses ending things. If Anna Duggar didn’t divorce Josh after everything that occurred last year, it looks like it won’t be happening at all.

Despite all the online chatter and reports, a Duggar divorce is likely not on the horizon. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will remain married until the end of their days. They may be disappointed in each other or mad with choices that have been made, but at the end of the day, they will be following their beliefs. A Duggar divorce would surely stir up some considerable ratings for the family and their new show, but Jim Bob and Michelle won’t sacrifice their beliefs for anything else in life.

[Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images]