July 12, 2016
Vicki Gunvalson Gives Update On Briana's Health, Explains Why Briana Drove The Long Road Trip

The latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County that aired on Monday night showed Vicki Gunvalson accompanying her daughter and two grandsons for the long drive from Oklahoma to Vicki's home in Southern California. Briana Culberson and her family were moving back to the area since her husband Ryan's military posting in Oklahoma was ending. Ryan did not join in the long drive because he had to finish out his assignment. Not only did Briana have to deal with two young toddlers on a long drive without the help of her husband, she also had to do so while in poor health. Part of the reason why Briana, who was dealing with a leg infection after a recent surgery, left Oklahoma with her sons early was because Vicki wanted her close to both her and a team of doctors who could treat her.

As the episode aired, Vicki provided an update on Briana's health. Vicki also responded to criticism from viewers who questioned why she had Briana drive the long trip considering her poor health.

Vicki thanked her supporters for asking about Briana's health. Vicki acknowledged that it's been a long journey for Briana, but that they are still trying to figure everything out. Vicki asked her supporters to continue to keep Briana in their prayers and thoughts.

In 2012, Briana underwent thyroid surgery to remove enlarged lymph nodes. Real Housewives showed Vicki's fear that Briana had cancer and her subsequent relief when test results showed that the growths were benign. Despite that surgery, Briana continued to be ill. In November 2015, just prior to Briana's move back to Orange County, as shown on the latest episode, Briana underwent another surgery to remove enlarged lymph nodes. Vicki shared her happiness when the biopsy results came back showing that it was again not cancer. Although Briana has not been diagnosed with cancer, she continues to be ill.
As for why Briana Culberson took the driver's seat for the very long road trip while Vicki Gunvalson sat in the passenger seat, Vicki revealed that while the episode made it look like Briana drove the whole way, that actually didn't happen. In response to a viewer who asked why Vicki didn't drive when Briana was clearly in pain, Vicki revealed that Briana drove because she gets terrible car sickness as a passenger. Vicki also revealed that she and Briana switched driving back and forth the entire way.
Vicki certainly seems to be loving having her daughter and two grandchildren close. On Sunday, Vicki, who loaned Briana and Ryan money to buy a house in Orange County, posted a photo of herself with her two grandsons, Troy and Owen. Vicki, who often says during her The Real Housewives of Orange County confessional interviews that she hates living alone, commented that the happiest place on earth is with her family. Vicki and her grandsons were together in celebration of Owen's second birthday.Briana sometimes responds to comments left by viewers on her mom's Instagram page. In response to one person who asked why Ryan didn't join in on the long car ride from Oklahoma to Orange County, Briana explained that he's back in Oklahoma finishing out his assignment and waiting for his medical retirement date to come.
"b_culberson: @myrnavasquez he's in Oklahoma finishing out his assignment and awaiting his date for medical retirement????"
Aside from Briana and her sons returning home, the latest The Real Housewives of Orange County episode showed Vicki asking Tamra Judge to forgive her for not believing her when she warned him about Brooks. During a one-on-one beach chat with Tamra away from the other housewives, Vicki maintained that she didn't purposefully lie about ex Brooks Ayers having cancer. Vicki continued to say that she's only guilty of believing the man she loved when he told her he had cancer, much to Tamra's dismay. In her confessional interview, Tamra said that there was no way that Vicki didn't know that Brooks was lying about having cancer.

On Vicki Gunvalson's Instagram photo showing her with her two grandsons, many viewers left comments on the whole Vicki and Brooks cancer saga. One person commented that she heard that Vicki was seeing Brooks again. The viewer expressed hope that it wasn't true. Vicki issued an immediate denial. Vicki explained that they have both moved on to other relationships.

"vickigunvalson: @harleysmom86 That's a complete lie so I don't know where you heard that from. We haven't seen eachother since last August 4th. We are both are in other relationships and have moved on. I wish him the very best. Please don't listen to people who don't know what they are talking about. Thank you for your support."
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brooks Ayers said in May 2016 that his life is good now.

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