July 12, 2016
'RHONJ' News: Jacqueline Laurita Reveals She Is Battling With Teresa Giudice And Melissa Gorga

Jacqueline Laurita is back on The Real Housewives of New Jersey once again. They are already done filming the show, but Jacqueline is now speaking out and sharing that things aren't great between her and Melissa Gorga or Teresa Giudice. They are having their own issues still to this day. Radar Online shared the details about what Jacqueline Laurita had to say about the drama. Fans will get to see some of it go down on the show, but according to Jacqueline, it hasn't all been worked out just yet.

Jacqueline did share that they are done filming the show already, but the drama isn't over in New Jersey. Teresa Giudice spent some time behind bars recently. On the premiere of RHONJ, Jacqueline Laurita shared that she was never put on the list of people who could visit her in jail, and she did get a note from her right before she came home, but that seemed to be the only contact they had. Here is what Jacqueline Laurita had to say about her relationship with Giudice.
"As far as Teresa and I go, we have a long history together. You've seen us at our best; you've seen us at our worst. We're always up and down."
Don't think that Jacqueline Laurita is going to leave you hanging too long, though. She shared that you will get to see the status of their relationship this season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Jacqueline did go on to say, "You can love someone but be very frustrated with them at times."

Siggy Flicker, who just joined the show this season, had a bit to say about it, though. She does feel like Jacqueline Laurita might be a lot of the reason that they have drama. Siggy loves Teresa and they are getting along great so far according to her. Flicker went on to say, "Her issues with Jacqueline — you have to remember that's a 13 year friendship. This is not kindergarten. You don't just say 'oh these two have had their highs and lows." Siggy Flicker does have a point for sure.

Teresa Giudice is not the only person that Jacqueline Laurita isn't getting along with this season, though. She can't get along with Melissa Gorga either. Jacqueline went on to say, "She was a real disappointment to me this year. And that'll play out, but she should be ashamed of herself."

Us Magazine shared the news that Jacqueline Laurita was also speaking out about Joe and Teresa Giudice's marriage and her thoughts on it. There is a lot of speculation about whether these two can make their marriage last while Joe is in jail. Jacqueline actually doesn't see Teresa leaving him anytime soon and said, "Knowing Teresa with everything that they've been through already, I think that she has a thick skin and I think that they will stay together." After that, Jacqueline went on to say, "I think that if she can get through our fights and Joe calling her a C-word, I think that they're going to make it work. I think she'll take anything at this point!"

It has been so long since fans have seen a new season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey that they are really excited to see it back finally. It does sound like it will be a wild season, full of drama that you do not want to miss.

Are you shocked to hear that Jacqueline Laurita is not getting along with Melissa and Teresa? Do you think that these three will ever work through their issues? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Sunday nights on Bravo.

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]