Jeb Bush Believes Trump’s Alternative, Make Believe World, Will Disappoint His Supporters

Jeb Bush and Donald Trump are likely never going to exchange Christmas cards.

While Bush was soundly defeated in the Republican primary when he ran against Trump, the former governor of Florida is still throwing verbal punches at his former opponent. In a round of interviews on Monday, Jeb Bush said, among other things, that Trump’s supporters are going to feel betrayed if they get him into the White House.

Bush said the reason the supporters will feel this way is that the “alternative universe” that Trump has created will come crashing down when he’s asked to follow through on his promises. Breitbart reports Jeb Bush talked to MSNBC and pointed out that there won’t ever be a wall built separating the United States from Mexico.

“This is all like an alternative universe that he created. The reality is, that’s not going to happen. And people are going to be deeply frustrated, and the divides will grow in our country,” Bush said during the interview.

The latest member of the Bush family to run for president also said there wouldn’t be anything like the Muslim ban Donald Trump has claimed he wants to put in place. While most of what Jeb said was less than complimentary, he did acknowledge the presumptive GOP nominee had done a good job in controlling the media and getting his message out.

Even Jeb Bush’s compliments of Trump took on a negative tone as he added the control over the media was another way in which he was actively deceiving his supporters. Bush said he felt like he had to give kudos to his former opponent in being able to create an environment and then manipulating that environment.

Because the New York businessman has built a kind of house of cards, Bush believes the country is in for a rough ride if he wins the election. He said he believes that under a President Trump, we will see the country continue to stagger instead of soar. The staggering economy, as well as the promises he made that he’s not following through on, are why people who voted for him in the primaries will feel betrayed.

Despite these warnings, Trump seems to only be getting stronger the more he talks. At times the presumptive nominee has looked weak. At his weakest, he hasn’t been nearly as weak as the rest of a field that included 16 different candidates.

Jeb Bush was among those that was soundly defeated by Trump leading up to the Republican convention later this month. Because of that, there is certainly the chance most of what he said is little more than sour grapes. On the other hand, some of what he said is the same sort of stuff other Republicans have been trying to get through to people before Trump was the presumptive nominee.

Some in the GOP are clearly unnerved that comments from “The Donald” have seemed to be tacit admissions that he can say anything and his supporters would believe it. At one point, Trump even said he thought he could shoot someone in Times Square and still win the GOP nomination.

It appears Bush has joined the #Nevertrump movement, as he recently told reporters he would not be attending the GOP Convention. For someone who was once considered the savior of the party, his absence will be felt.

Some of Bush’s fall from grace was because Trump was able to score points in debates and during campaign stops. There were also plenty of self-inflicted wounds the older brother of George W. Bush simply couldn’t overcome. The elder Bush seemed to understand some of that as he was losing the campaign. Now, Jeb Bush seems to want to make sure that the man that bested him doesn’t get to be president through alleged lies and manipulation.

[Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images]