'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta': Lyfe Jennings Isn't The First Guy To Dump Karlie Redd With A Ring -- Benzino Did It First

So Karlie Redd didn't get engaged to Lyfe Jennings on the most recent episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Instead, Karlie got dumped after Lyfe gave her a ring. It wouldn't be the first time that Karlie has ended a relationship by getting a ring. It's pretty obvious that Lyfe took notes from the Benzino playbook when handling his ex-girlfriend after she admitted to sleeping with Scrapp DeLeon.

VH1 has been teasing Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans since the Season 5 premiere that Lyfe Jennings was going to pop the question to Karlie Redd. It turns out that he wasn't proposing to the veteran LHHATL star after all. Instead, he was letting Karlie know that he wasn't dealing with her theatrics and constant gossiping.

In the clip, after Karlie came clean about hooking up with Scrapp DeLeon as fans saw just a few episodes prior, Lyfe pulled out a huge ring. The whole moment shocked Karlie Redd, who dramatically fell off the park bench they were sharing and landed on the ground. She hadn't even heard the biggest shocker yet.

"I promise you that you not never gonna find another n***a like me," Lyfe told Karlie. "You can keep this, but you can't keep me."

That's when Lyfe Jennings got up and left Karlie Redd right there in the park. On his walk to the car, Karlie pleaded with Lyfe. Genuinely shocked that she was being dumped like that, Karlie promised she would change, but it looks like Lyfe wasn't phased at all. For those who wondered why someone as private as Lyfe Jennings would do Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, the singer was off the show just as quickly as he appeared.

The way Lyfe dumped Karlie is even more poetic for those who have watched the hit VH1 reality show since the premiere season. It was during Season 1 of LHHATL that Benzino dumped Karlie Redd in much the same way.

The scene between Lyfe and Karlie played out eerily similar to the way that she and Benzino broke up years ago. It's almost like the singer has been watching the show and wanted to really hit Karlie where it hurt after learning that she cheated on him.

In the first season for the Atlanta cast, Karlie and Benzino were introduced as a couple. As friends of Stevie J, they were in and out of episodes pretty often. They got pretty popular with fans and everyone knew that Karlie was messy, but she seemed like a decent match for Benzino.

It was during the Season 1 finale of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta that Benzino set up a date with Karlie to look like it was a proposal. It was during that episode that Karlie began to question whether Benzino was committed to her or not.

That's when Benzino pulled a ring out of his pocket and told Karlie, "You f***ed up! You can use me, but you can't abuse me." That's when a tearful Benzino took his ring back and walked away from Karlie in the most dramatic way. Karlie was livid. She ranted and raved about how Benzino showed her the ring and then snatched it back. Benzino hit Karlie where it hurt. She's been working for years to get married to someone and so far, she gets dumped every single time. At least Lyfe Jennings let Karlie keep the ring.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]