WWE News: Goldberg Talks William Regal, Resentment In WCW

Bill Goldberg was arguably the biggest star in WCW in the 90s during a period of time where WCW Monday Nitro was beating WWE Monday Night Raw every week in the ratings. However, while Goldberg was instrumental in the success of WCW, along with the nWo, 411mania reported that Goldberg feels there was a lot of resentment toward him in the WCW locker room.

While talking about this, Goldberg went back to a very old controversy between him and William Regal, who in WCW wrestled under the name Steven Regal. In the interview, Goldberg said that the match with Regal, where Goldberg feels he was stiffed unnecessarily, proves that wrestlers resented him.

This isn’t the first time that Goldberg has brought up this WCW match with William Regal. Goldberg also mentioned it in his autobiography, which was the first time that Regal even heard about it. Goldberg decided to emphasize that the match was not what Regal claims it was supposed to be.

“I mean, the office didn’t tell him to go out there and try to take advantage of me and beat up a guy who had no idea what the f**k was going on! Dude, ask Steve. I have no idea. I just know he tried to kick my face in a couple of times and I was just giving him my face.”

While that is Goldberg’s side of the story, Regal completely disagrees with the assessment. William was on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast when Austin asked about the match. In that interview, Regal was candid about the match and what happened.

In the interview, William Regal said that he had just gotten back from his suspension from a drunken incident on a plane and was getting ready for the match. William said that he and Goldberg were in the back with the agent getting ready for the match. The agent told them to wrestle for six minutes and make it a competitive match.

Regal said that they went out there and started to wrestle, but Goldberg didn’t know what he was doing. William said that Goldberg had only wrestled 90-second squash matches up to then and was just standing there. Regal said he started kicking and striking Goldberg, no harder than he does in any other match, but Goldberg wasn’t doing anything to make the match work.

William Regal said they finished the match and returned to the dressing room, where Eric Bischoff then started yelling at him for the strikes and the length of the match. William said he looked over at the agent, but the man just lowered his head and didn’t say anything. He also said that Goldberg never admitted to Bischoff what they were instructed to do in the match.

None of that seemed to come to Goldberg’s memory in the interview or in his book. Goldberg doesn’t only feel that Regal resented his push and shot with him because of it, but he sounds like he still holds a grudge and wants a little payback.

“It’s all good. If that made him feel better, then fine, but I don’t get it. I’d love to f***ing scrap with him right now. It’d be beautiful. I’d loved to, at the time, have known what he was going to do, but at the end of the day, it was resentment.”

That statement in the interview comes at a curious time. Bill Goldberg is part of the next WWE video game and will have his character featured in it in a big manner. Meanwhile, William Regal is working for the WWE as the commissioner of the NXT brand, as well as a trainer. It seems that Goldberg is pushing his WCW distaste a bit far, though, bringing up a match that is almost 20-years-old and making threats based on it.

[Image via WWE]