Girl With Down Syndrome Receives Promise Ring From Boyfriend, Watch The Touching Video

Ashley Greenhalgh and Danny Griffiths have been dating for two years and are preparing to take their relationship to the next level, which is why Griffiths purchased his girlfriend a promise ring for her birthday. While it isn’t unusual for a boyfriend to get his girlfriend a promise ring, for this couple, it was very emotional and heartwarming.

Ashley and Danny were both born with a genetic disorder known as Down Syndrome. However, despite their disability, they have developed a bond like none other and proved to their family members and friends just what true love is.

On Saturday, June 25, the Greenhalgh family held a get-together for Ashley’s 21st birthday and high school graduation. Danny was one of the many people who gathered to celebrate Ashley’s accomplishments. As previously mentioned, Ashley and Danny have been dating for two years and plan on someday getting married. While they are waiting, however, Danny wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a very special gift… a promise ring.


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Luckily, Courtney Greenhalgh, Ashley’s sister, captured the heartwarming moment Ashley opened her ring on video and later shared it for the world to see on her Facebook page. Ashley starts by opening the card Danny wrote for her. She then pulls out a teddy bear, followed by the tiny ring box.

“It’s a ring! I’m going to be married!” she squealed in excitement as her family explained to her that it was a promise ring.

Although the ring Danny had saved so hard for was just a promise ring and not an engagement ring, he still got down on one knee and proposed, saying, “Will you marry me? Will you be my wife?”

You can watch the video below.