‘Dr. Miami’ WE TV Show: Butt Lifts And Breast Implant Surgeries From Snapchat To Reality TV

The cosmetic surgeon known as “Dr. Miami” to his social media fans will now be known as Dr. Miami on WE TV. As reported by the Inquisitr, Michael “Dr. Miami” Salzhauer grew an amazing following on Snapchat after Instagram deemed some of his plastic surgery procedures too graphic for their social media network. Dr. Miami’s teenage daughter taught him how to use Snapchat, a move that turned out to be a boon and a blessing for the good doctor.

According to Deadline, WE TV began by ordering six one-hour episodes of Dr. Miami, a series that presumably will be pretty close to the footage that Dr. Salzhauer already uploads on Snapchat — if not a bit blurred-out on the more graphic procedures.

Dr. Miami came about after Dr. Salzhauer — who specializes in Brazilian butt lifts, breast implant surgeries, nose jobs, and more — offered a no-holds-bar approach to showing viewers what really went on in the operating room during cosmetic surgeries. Those patients who permitted Dr. Salzhauer to film them and upload their surgery footage to Snapchat and other social media platforms proved to be such compelling subjects that reality TV eventually came calling.

Fans might have to wait to watch Dr. Miami on WE TV until next year when Dr. Miami is scheduled to premiere on the network, but videos like the below one from “The Real Dr. Miami” Instagram account can be viewed anytime. The accompanying Facebook account also features similar content from the surgeon.


Marc Juris, president of WE TV, explained his excitement at having the Dr. Miami series coming to his network.

“We love this show because Dr. Salzhauer is a completely unique and authentic individual who is at the top of his profession and using social media in an innovative and powerful way. Plastic-surgery shows have become a staple of unscripted TV, but a surgeon using Snapchat and other social platforms to literally bring fans into the operating room represents a bold and fresh twist that connects old and new media and will give us additional opportunities to attract and engage WE tv viewers.”

Dr. Miami has a production company named 2C Media, with the main cosmetic surgeon at the center of the show also explaining his excitement over gaining a reality TV show outside of Dr. Salzhauer’s huge social media following.

“I am thrilled to be a member of the WE tv family. I have always been a fan of their shows, and I’m so excited to open up my door and my patients to their viewers.”

Dr. Miami

Meanwhile, butt lift surgeries hailing from Brazil are still a very popular cosmetic procedure. As reported by the Daily Mail, in 2014, butt lifts represented 20.1 percent of cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures in the U.S. The top plastic surgeries include those related to the breasts, abs, and the buttocks.

Popular Brazilian butt lifts, or “BBL” surgeries will likely continue to be seen on the schedule daily when Dr. Miami hits the air. The butt lift surgeries involve transferring fat from different portions of the patient’s body into the area near their glutes. The person desiring the butt lift would need to have enough fat to be able to extract and inject into the buttocks area.

The WE TV website will add Dr. Miami to its lists of shows before long, since the series is set to premiere in 2017.

The Dr. Miami reality TV series may also help plastic surgery candidates understand the importance of reading up on American Society of Plastic Surgeon guidelines to discover great surgeons and not going for bargain-basement surgeries like some desperate people have done and regretted, as witnessed by shows like Botched.

As reported by Variety, Dr. Miami will show how the surgeon uses social media to his advantage. The multi-tasking Dr. Salzhauer is also a children’s book author and creator of an app that helps patients determine how they might look post-surgery. Dr. Salzhauer runs the Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami.

Dr. Miami
[Photo by PRNewsFoto/Dr. Michael Salzhauer]