Michigan Shooting: Three Dead And Many Others Wounded In County Courthouse

Michigan now joins the unfortunately tragic ranks of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Minnesota, and Dallas, as at least four people were shot at a Berrien County, Michigan, courthouse. According to Fox News, 2 court bailiffs and the shooter himself were shot dead in what was the end to a stand-off that lasted for over an hour. Michigan was the site of an accused man who somehow managed to get loose from his cuffs earlier today, got his hands on the deputy sheriff’s gun, and began shooting.

The Michigan shooting took place on the third floor of the Berrien County Courthouse around 2:30 p.m., and the deputy sheriff was reportedly shot in the left arm and finger. The Michigan deputy sheriff was taken to a hospital in the far western corner of Berrien County. The Michigan courthouse, where the shooting took place, was on lockdown until around 4 p.m. It was then that they began evacuating the occupants in small groups.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder took to Twitter to calm local and state residents’ fears of another Baton Rouge, Dallas, or Minnesota incident, and assured everyone that the situation was contained as of 3:30 p.m.

“MSP has secured the scene at the Berrien County courthouse and started its investigation into the shooting that occurred this afternoon. Please join me in praying for those affected. We will share more information here from MSP as it becomes available.”

According to ABC-7, an unspecified number of occupants from the Michigan courthouse shooting are currently at a local hospital, and in stable condition. Local Michigan Sheriff for Berrien County Paul Bailey stated that an investigation is ongoing as to how perpetrator of the shooting obtained the deputy sheriff’s gun. Michigan Sheriff Paul Bailey had this to say about the courthouse shootings, ABC News reports.

“We ask people to pray for the families of the deceased, and other brave officers were able to come to the rescue and take the shooter down.”

The two Michigan bailiffs were retired police officers with one being a Michigan State trooper, and the other a local municipality’s police officer. Michigan Republican Representative Fred Upton had this to say in a brief statement about the Michigan courthouse shooting.

“What occurred today in my hometown breaks my heart. My thoughts are with our entire community – our friends and neighbors,” he said in a statement. “This tragic event reminds us all too well that our law enforcement officers have their lives on the line every day not knowing what that day will bring. We have lost two very able public servants and we all grieve for them and their families.”


Michigan courthouses in neighboring Cook county have been placed on high alert until further notice after the shooting at Berrien County courthouse. Michigan is not immune this type of tragedy. Prior to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Minnesota, and Dallas, Kalamazoo, Michigan, was the sight of a horrific shooting rampage earlier this year. The Inquisitr reported that seven people were shot in the roaming carnage in one night in Michigan. The Michigan drive-by shooting suspect was later apprehended.

For now, there are no new updates on the Michigan courthouse shooting, but a police investigation will likely shed more light on this tragic affair. The question on some folks’ minds is whether or not this has any connection to Baton Rouge, Dallas, or the case in Minnesota, and even though it seems all but ruled out as a motive for the shooting in Michigan, nothing is off the table until it is off the table.

What are your thoughts? Is the Michigan courthouse shooting linked to the horrific tragedies gripping other parts of the country, or is it just tragic coincidence?

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[Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images]