Seth MacFarlane ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promo Promises Funny, Obscene Show

Seth MacFarlane gets the chance to host the season premiere of Saturday Night Live this week, and if the promos are any indication, fans of his wacky voices and obscene brand of humor are in for a treat.

The promo video for his episode has been released, with Entertainment Weekly noting that “it will never not be weird to see a grown man speak like a homicidal British baby.” The actor, who sounds pretty much like the dog Brian from Family Guy in real life, will have a chance to show off his actual on-screen talent.

As Entertainment Weekly noted:

It’s still unclear what kind of screen presence MacFarlane will have when he’s actually on camera, rather than in a voice recording booth — but it’ll certainly be nice to hear that smooth baritone all night. (Until he does Peter Griffin’s obnoxious laugh.) Does this video get you excited for Saturday Night Live‘s return this weekend, which also features musical guest Frank Ocean?

Seth MacFarlane is coming into his SNL hosting gig on quite a hot streak, The Associated Press noted. He not only has spawned a number of hit animated television shows led by Family Guy, but also made a recording of show tunes and a live performance at Carnegie Hall and this summer even scored a hit comedy with Ted.

Although Saturday Night Live would be the topper, MacFarlane said he has no “bucket list” when it comes to career achievements.

“Not exactly,” Seth MacFarlane. “When things come up, I tackle them if they sound fun. That’s how I decide what to do and what not to do. It’s what sounds like it’s going to be a good time.”

The SNL hosting gig has been a nice chance for MacFarlane, who is used to being in charge all the time.

“It’s always a nice break to NOT be the guy in charge,” he said. “It’s the complete antithesis of the nine months it takes us to do one episode of an animated series.”

Seth MacFarlane does have other projects in mind for the future after his SNL role. He said he wants to make another movie and maybe even appear on camera again.