Denver Broncos: Three Reasons Why They Will Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick

The Denver Broncos haven't had much luck this offseason. Von Miller has yet to accept the long-term deal offered to him. Brock Osweiler left the team in favor of the Houston Texans. Out of desperation, the Broncos traded for Philadelphia Eagles' backup quarterback Mark Sanchez. They also drafted quarterback Paxton Lynch in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft, which shows the Broncos have no faith in Sanchez's future with the team.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is probably having one the worst possible offseason a free-agent quarterback could have. He set his asking price too high after a career season with the New York Jets. Even though he has come down a little in his contract demands, he has still struggled to find a team that is willing to sign him.

This issue should raise some red flags because a starting caliber quarterback is hard to come by in the NFL. Here are three reasons why Fitzpatrick may be a member of the Denver Broncos by the start of the 2016 NFL season.

The Broncos Don't Have A Starting Caliber Quarterback On Their Roster

The first reason is pretty explanatory. The Broncos don't have a starting caliber quarterback by any means. Mark Sanchez had multiple opportunities to make a career for himself. He failed as the New York Jets' starting quarterback and was eventually run out-of-town. Sanchez ended up becoming a backup on the Philadelphia Eagles, and that move didn't end up working out either. Sanchez had the chance to work his way into a starting role with the Eagles as well. Due to injuries, he got a chance to start on two separate occasions in 2014 and 2015.

Denver Broncos: Three Reasons Why They Will Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick
Mark Sanchez as a Philadelphia Eagle (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

Sanchez had some impressive moments but still couldn't take care of business as an Eagle. His fate is likely going to be the same with the Denver Broncos. There is no amount of weapons that could make Sanchez lead the Broncos to the playoffs this season. The other option is to start rookie Paxton Lynch. This move would be very bold and likely won't even be considered.

Letting a rookie take the reins of a Super Bowl team is simply not an option for a team that is this talented. Trevor Siemian is rumored to be very much part of the quarterback competition, but not much is known about his skills. According to multiple reports, Seimian isn't being dismissed from possibly winning the job.

The Broncos Still Have The Talent To Compete

Let's be honest, Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game of football, but the Broncos could have won the Super Bowl without him. The Broncos' defense is what brought the team to where they are today. Manning played the role of a game manager in 2015 and his football IQ is pretty much unbeatable. The move to keep Manning under center was the best way to keep the team alive.

Head coach Gary Kubiak making that call also proves that the Broncos could win with a quarterback that isn't that great. The one thing Ryan Fitzpatrick and Peyton Manning have in common is their football IQ. Even though the two can't even be compared in the same sentence when it comes to talent, Fitzpatrick has just enough spunk to make something of this team. Fitzpatrick isn't the most talented quarterback, but he is definitely good enough to make the Broncos Super Bowl contenders this season.

The Broncos Will Sign Him To A Short-Term Deal

The Denver Broncos by no way, shape, or form will sign Fitzpatrick to a long-term contract. If they do elect to give him a contract, it will be for a year or two. This week is the deadline for the Broncos to give Von Miller his contract extension. It's safe to say that the Broncos will sign Miller, which they are currently working very hard to do.

Denver Broncos: Three Reasons Why They Will Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick
Von Miller of the Denver Broncos (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

If the Broncos sign or even possibly trade Miller, they will have enough cap room to give Fitzpatrick a one-year deal. This way they have time to possibly sign, trade for, or groom another quarterback next year. John Elway should capitalize on the New York Jets' failure to give Fitzpatrick a contract. The Denver Broncos definitely have some pull over the Jets. They can give Fitzpatrick the chance to win a Super Bowl before he retires.

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