‘Bachelor’ Stars Ben Higgins, Lauren Bushnell Celebrate Engagement, Is A Wedding Coming Soon?

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell got engaged last winter on ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season, and they recently announced that they are doing a reality television show all their own that will debut this fall. Where does wedding planning fit into all of this? It seems that Ben and Lauren just held an engagement party this past weekend, and there is some buzz building that their series may end with a wedding during the finale. How are things shaping up so far?

It was recently revealed that Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell will be getting their own show called Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After. The show will premiere this October on the Freeform network, the network previously known as ABC Family. According to gossip guru Reality Steve, the Bachelor stars are currently filming the new show, and the lovebirds were spotted with cameras back in his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana, as they celebrated the Fourth of July.


Just this past weekend, Lauren was back in her hometown of Portland, Oregon, and Bachelor fans had a hunch as they watched social media that a big event may have just taken place. Did Bushnell and Higgins have a big engagement party in Portland? She posted a photo on Instagram with several of her besties, and her Snapchat showed some party preparations.

Ben and Lauren’s fans at the Bach and Bachette Fans forum were watching social media pretty closely leading into the weekend, and it seems that Higgins was spotted heading to Portland as well. The buzz is that his parents were spotted out there too, and with out-of-town parents and besties all gathering in Oregon with party prep documented on social media, it definitely looked like it may have been engagement party time. Later in the weekend, subsequent Instagram posts confirmed that a Bachelor engagement party had indeed taken place.


Granted, Higgins and Bushnell kept quite quiet about this on their own social media pages, and that is surely in large part due to the filming of their upcoming show. Those who tune in to Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After will certainly get to see quite a bit of coverage of the party, and by all accounts, it looks like a grand time was had by all. Friends and family gathered excitedly to celebrate the happy couple, and with this now officially happening, many Bachelor fans think that wedding planning is moving along rapidly.

If these Bachelor lovebirds have gone ahead with an engagement party, does that mean that a solid wedding date has been set? Higgins and Bushnell have not disclosed anything specific about an actual date yet, but previously they have teased that a wedding may take place before the end of the year. Could their reality TV show end with a wedding airing during the finale? There is definitely buzz swirling that this may end up being the case, but so far, there are no solid spoilers pinning that down for certain.

If Ben and Lauren do get married in time for the nuptials to be featured on their Freeform show, word will certainly leak out ahead of time. Bachelor fans are quite excited to see what comes next for Higgins and Bushnell, and it definitely looks as if a walk down the aisle is on the way for the duo. Many “Bachelor Nation” fans are currently focused on JoJo Fletcher’s journey to find love, but speculation about an impending wedding date for Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell remains a hot topic amongst viewers as well. Do you think these lovebirds will soon be tying the knot?

[Image via Ben Higgins’ Instagram]