New iPhone 7 Case Inspires Yawns

A new clear shot of an iPhone case, which shows very small changes in the new iPhone 7, has been unveiled. Mac Rumors has the news.

“One of the clearest shots of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 case has been posted over on French site this morning. While the photo doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know, it does confirm some details of the design we’ve come to expect from previous leaks.”

The article adds that the appearance of the rear of the phone is consistent with renders previously posted. However, the photo does not make clear if Apple really has done away with the headphone jack in order to allow for a second speaker grille. Apple may want to pay attention to some of the comments after the article.

iPhone 7

“Ugly protruding cameras are here to stay! Yay,” says Pelea.

“I feel like there is really nothing note worthy in this upgrade, especially since the only two interesting features are apparently exclusive to the plus model,” says Goobot.

Last month, Mashable, a site that usually praises Apple, published an article titled, “The iPhone 7 sounds like it will be totally boring.”

“When Apple CEO Tim Cook gets on stage this fall and talks about all the great things people are doing with their iPhones and then hands it off to senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller to tell us all about the innovations of the iPhone 7, I’ll be tweeting and snickering about how they should tell us something we didn’t already know,” says author Raymond Wong, who notes that Apple has switched to a new design every three years instead of every two.

According to GSM Arena, the new iPhone 7 will have at least one major new feature — wireless charging.

“The slide shows an iPhone 7 Pro (dual cameras) but is labeled iPhone 7 Plus. That aside, the phone will run iOS 10 (obviously) and will lack a headphone jack ( a rumor that has been confirmed and denied several times by unofficial sources). It will allegedly have wireless charging and will be water resistant.”

GSM Arena doesn’t list exactly where the slide is coming from, but it appears it is coming from China. Still, news like this isn’t exactly thrilling consumers. According to Mac Rumors, 2016 may be the first year that weak demand is predicted for an iPhone.

“Apple is being more conservative when placing its orders with chip assembler Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, once again suggesting that the 2016 iPhone 7 will face a weaker demand in comparison to normal cycles, due to a dearth of hardware innovation in the handset.”

The article adds that the low sales forecast for the 2016 iPhone reached a high point in mid-2016, with many recent reports suggesting that the iPhone 7 is unlikely to reverse year-to-year sales declines for the company. It is believed that a lack of innovation is the culprit.

Samsung Galaxy S7

While Apple may be disappointing people with their smartphones lately, Samsung — a company that was in a slump just one year ago — is gaining back relevance. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have been huge hits that have outsold the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus worldwide. According to TechnoBuffalo, the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 Edge, which is expected to be announced in early August, will be curved on both sides and could even come with an eye scanner. Some people think this is proof that Samsung keeps innovating while Apple keeps rehashing.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]