Kate Middleton Becoming Queen? Bogus Reports Suggest Camilla Is Out Of The Race

Queen Kate Middleton isn’t happening just yet, despite faulty claims. Gossip Cop recently debunked a report that Kate Middleton was taking the throne from Queen Elizabeth.

Globe claimed that Queen Elizabeth not only decided to retire at 90-years-old, but said Kate Middleton was pregnant with twins. Not only did Globe feel the need to perpetuate such rumors, but Celeb Dirty Laundry decided to join in on the fun. Both tabloids claimed that Queen Elizabeth’s supposed ill-health was forcing the monarch into retirement and Middleton was going to take over her duties, explained Gossip Cop.

As if Queen Kate Middleton doesn’t sound crazy enough, both publications tried to push the rumor that the duchess was “three months pregnant with twin girls.” This story only gets crazier in stating that Duchess Camilla was “furious” that she had been “putting up with Prince Charles all these years for nothing.”

Globe continued to play up the rumor regarding the retirement of Queen Elizabeth. According to the tabloid, Kate Middleton assumed some of her queenly duties as recent as Elizabeth’s 90th birthday.

“William’s weary grandmother went into semi-retirement and handed off her duties to Kate.”

The Kate Middleton queen rumor is beyond untrue, according to Gossip Cop. Though, Globe tries it’s best at making this fabricated lie sound realistic. The tabloid claimed that Kate Middleton’s participation at several events is a way of Queen Elizabeth conveying a “clear message to Prince Charles and his evil wife Camilla that they are out!” The Globe then wrote that the queen wants to keep “that drunk Camilla away from the throne.” Celeb Dirty Laundry also perpetuated the rumors regarding Camilla’s supposed alcoholism by mocking her.

“Camilla Parker-Bowles must be stumbling around Clarence House with a gin bottle ranting and raving over how unfair it is that Kate Middleton is Queen Elizabeth’s favorite.”

Queen Kate Middleton isn’t happening anytime soon. Though, Celeb Dirty Laundry is under the illusion that Middleton is not only becoming queen, but Camilla is angered by the queen’s decision.

“Camilla waited decades to marry Prince Charles and now Camilla will never be queen.”

After laying out all of the ridiculous rumors in both tabloids, Gossip Cop began debunking all of these crazy lies. The online rumor-stopping publication confirmed with a Kensington insider that these several stories regarding the royals have “no semblance” at all “to reality or the truth.”

The Kate Middleton queen rumor was further broken down by Gossip Cop. According to the online publication, it would be impossible for Kate Middleton to become queen after Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth’s son, Prince Charles, would be next in line to be king, since he’s the oldest of her children. Therefore, this means Camilla would become queen next. Prince William and Kate Middleton would need to wait for either Charles or Camilla to pass away, before residing in any of those royal positions. Kensington palace insiders also confirmed that the duchess isn’t pregnant with twin girls.

Queen Kate Middleton rumors aren’t the only silly lies the duchess has been dealing with. Last month, Star claimed that Kate Middleton was pregnant with with a baby girl, according to the International Business Times. The tabloid also spoke to the kind of family the duke and duchess would like to ultimately have.

“Kate and William agreed long ago that big families were best. They’ve always wanted at least three kids, and for them to be close in age. This latest addition couldn’t be more welcome.”

According to the International Business Times, it was rumored that Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth were having a feud. Though, that report was never confirmed.

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