‘Suicide Squad’ Movie Could Feature Unknown Main Villain New To The DC Comics Universe

The Suicide Squad movie heroes will have an abundance of bad guys to face in the upcoming August release. They won’t have the least bit of time to relax, as DC Comics staff working on the film revealed a bit more of who they will have to battle. If you don’t want any spoilers before the movie comes out in less than a month, make this sentence the end of your journey. If you don’t mind knowing a few details ahead of time, then continue on, friend.

According to ComicBook.com, a set visit interview with people working on the film revealed The Adversary as the main contender. What is unclear about what producer Richard Suckle revealed is whether the adversary is one or many.

“You will find out not only who the Adversary is but why they exist, who is part and parcel and who is behind them. You definitely find that out in this movie for sure.”

The Adversary, the one possibly behind the henchman with eyeballs that the group faces in the trailers, is perhaps channeling himself to be many other villains and henchmen the Suicide Squad will have to fight. Whatever The Adversary is, the producers also didn’t make clear how central he is in the midst of other potential villains like the Joker and Enchantress. They are likely leaving some overarching mastermind of Thanos-like proportions in darkness until August.

The only hint about an Adversary character is the one that has been seen fighting Superman in comic books on a few random occasions. Though he was powerful he was defeated and revealed as a pawn of a much larger villain, Lord Satanus. That could be who the Suicide Squad movie producers were leaning towards in their comments, or not.

And as for Batman, turns out producers had him in mind the whole time. Rumors are that he has more than a small role, and was essential to the thinking of director David Ayer when he was planning to film. As ComicBook.com also reports, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I’m a little bit of a fan boy. You know, I grew up reading Batman comics. The old Adam West show. I had the toy car. It’s something important to me and I think that it’s every filmmaker’s dream to be given such an iconic asset like that. Really, to see when the suit shows up on set, you have Ben in the suit and everything. It’s really… F*ck. It’s really cool.”

From the Suicide Squad’s perspective, being the bad guys gone good, Batman might be considered one of the main villains. Will Smith’s Deadshot is rumored to do battle with Batman on screen just as they have done in comic books. If that happens, it will most likely be before they all get recruited by Amanda Waller. How this will all play out in the Suicide Squad movie is unclear, since the Joker might also have to face Batman. DC Comics has its hands full in a way it didn’t with Batman v Superman.

Movie Pilot offers another clue to what DC Comics might be trying to do with the Suicide Squad villain. If true, it leaves any further speculation fruitless.

“Keep in mind that the main adversary could be a completely different character that either already exists in the comic book universe, was created exclusively for the film, or (like was the case with the Mandarin in Iron Man 3) an amalgamation of several characters.”

That would keep this movie in line with the villain in Batman v Superman, where Doomsday was a warped reincarnation of General Zod. But since there are overall more characters in the Suicide Squad movie, the villain could be a fusion of even more villains.

This time around, the cast is enormous. Besides the nine core members of the team, there is Viola Davis’s Amanda Waller. The Joker will have some prominent henchmen as well, and there are still numerous actors who have roles that nobody outside of the studio is clear on. Basically, besides the surprise villain, expect the Suicide Squad movie to have a lot of other shocks and jolts in cast and characters.

[Image via Warner Bros. Pictures]