July 11, 2016
Soap Star Jack Wagner Says His Missing Son Has Been Found After 5-Day Drug Relapse

Jack Wagner says his son, Harrison, has been "in touch" five days after he went missing. Wagner, who's best known for his roles on the soap operas General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Melrose Place, first announced to fans on Twitter over the weekend, revealing that his youngest son with his General Hospital co-star Kristina Wagner had been missing for five days after a drug and alcohol relapse.

After asking his followers to post about their fears, addictions, and struggles, Wagner wrote that he was worried about his son.

"I fear for my youngest son's safety," Wagner wrote. "Harrison has struggled with drugs & alcohol just as I did when I was younger. He's relapsed & is MIA 5 days."

In the hours following Jack's dire post, fans posted encouraging messages and stories of their own struggles with addiction and depression, and Wagner personally responded to many of them. But, thankfully, Jack Wagner had happier news to post a little more than 12 hours later.

"Harrison's been in touch," Jack updated on Monday. "He's 21 & in charge of his life, thank you for the love & prayers, please continue to share your struggles, it helps us all."

According to Us Weekly, Jack and Kristina Wagner have two sons together, Harrison, 21, and Peter, 25. The soap super couple met on the set of General Hospital in the early 1980s, playing fan favorites Frisco and Felicia Jones. While Jack and Kristina thrilled soap fans when they married for real in 1993, the couple called it quits 13 years later. Fans were happy to see the duo reunite professionally last year on the Hallmark drama When Calls the Heart.
In addition to Peter and Harrison, Jack Wagner is also father to a daughter, Kerry, who he didn't meet until she was 23-years-old. Wagner, a Dancing with the Stars alum, revealed that his daughter's mother put her up for adoption at birth, and he was told he had no legal way of finding her. Wagner's daughter tracked him down and introduced herself to him on a cruise hosted by Jack's former General Hospital co-star Rick Springfield.

Jack and Kristina Wagner have remained close despite their 2006 divorce. Wagner told Us Weekly that he gets along great with his ex-wife and that they successfully co-parent their grown sons.

"We're very present parents and very good friends," Jack told Us. "It's very unique. We still love each other very much."

Indeed, Jack is on such good terms with Kristina that he actually pitched the When Calls the Heart role to her. Now it sounds like they will have to work together once again as they try to help their struggling son.

Jack Wagner has been vocal about his own issues with substance abuse. After his divorce, Jack had a long relationship with his Melrose Place co-star Heather Locklear. The couple even became engaged but ended things in 2011. According to People, Locklear was dealing with her own substance abuse issues at the time and Wagner was sober, making it difficult for them to be in a relationship together.

But Wagner told People that it all boiled down to bad timing -- and the fact that he wanted to put a focus on his own boys.

"We just found it impossible to combine our families," Jack said. "She has a life with [her then-14-year-old daughter] Ava; I have a life with my two boys. It's not realistic in the near future to meld the two families. We took the pressure off and said, 'Let's just love each other the way we are."

Take a look at the video for more on Jack and Kristina Wagner's fairytale life.

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