WWE News: UFC Champ Daniel Cormier Says Plans Should Change For Brock Lesnar

On Saturday at UFC 200, Brock Lesnar shocked the world by defeating Mark Hunt in the co-main event of the evening. He won by unanimous decision and handily as well. The Super Samoan had no chance to beat the Beast Incarnate, who made his return after years away from the octagon. Many counted out Lesnar, while wrestling fans were cheering on the former WWE champion. At the end of the day, Lesnar proved why he belongs in the UFC.

His journey back to the UFC was well-documented in the WWE world. Since he is under contract with World Wrestling Entertainment, it was initially thought that he broke contract with Vince McMahon and left for the UFC anyway. After numerous amounts of clarification, Lesnar’s contract was confirmed, and this fight at UFC 200 was a one-off appearance. At least, that was before he dominated a top 10 heavyweight in his return.

Brock Lesnar

The fight that came before Lesnar and Hunt was Daniel Cormier, who was set to face Jon Jones for the Light Heavyweight championship in the main event. Jones failed a drug test, which forced him out of the fight. Anderson Silva, arguably the best fighter to ever grace the UFC, stepped in, and while the fans were behind the Brazilian, Cormier won in dominating fashion.

Forty-eight hours after the pay-per-view, Cormier, who is a WWE fan, was present for Lesnar’s fight and shared his thoughts on the Beast Incarnate’s booking plans moving forward.

In one sentence, Cormier said, “To hell with Randy Orton.”

“They call him the Conqueror, the Beast Incarnate, you know, he can’t be beat, I’d make him more unstoppable now,” Cormier said. “Because he just did something that I’m not sure anyone else over there can do, he came over here and beat a Top 10 heavyweight. I say to hell with Randy Orton and throw the belt on [Lesnar] again, because it legitimizes him because of what he did [at UFC 200.]”

Is Cormier right? Right now, Lesnar is scheduled to appear either on the Raw before the WWE Draft or at the WWE Draft. He will go to one brand, which presumably will be Monday Night Raw. Then, he will make a few appearances before his big match with Randy Orton at SummerSlam. This is where Cormier’s comments come into play. What does Lesnar benefit from by beating up Orton in his return match at WWE SummerSlam?

big matches for summerslam

The WWE consistently tried to negate any connection to Lesnar’s fight to his status in the WWE. Reality will step in, and fans won’t forget his dominating victory. It will probably be mentioned on the broadcast as well by Michael Cole or JBL. By winning in the “real world of fighting,” he should have no problem beating Orton in a “pre-determined fight.”

Randy Orton, as well as other WWE superstars, tweeted about his victory at UFC 200.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t an RKO outta nowhere at UFC 200. There might be at SummerSlam, but that shouldn’t stop the Beast Incarnate from walking out victorious. When Lesnar beats Orton, where does the former UFC Heavyweight champ move from here? Will he return to the octagon full-time? Will he stay with the WWE until his contract expires?

Those are both questions that will be answered in the next month and a half. He just signed an extension with the WWE within the last year. It was a multi-year deal as well. I doubt McMahon and the rest of WWE will let him escape that. Then again, Stephanie McMahon said they weren’t supporting his fight, then tweeted about Lesnar’s weigh-ins a few days later. Anything can happen at this rate.

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