Planetside 2: Third Continent, Amerish, May Not Make It in Time for Launch

It was originally expected that Planetside 2 would go live with three continents–Indar, Esamir and Amerish–but now it’s looking like you may not want to get your hopes up that all three continents will be available at launch.

In a post on the game’s forums (via VG247), Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley outlined what’s in the future for the Planetside 2 beta, and the game’s launch late this year. While Smedley says that the second continent, Esamir, is nearing closer to release on the beta servers, Amerish is still a ways off.

“We also are working hard on Esamir. It’s getting closer and closer to a finished state where we want you guys to play on it. It’s pretty awesome and very different gameplay wise than Indar,” Smedley explained.

“After that Amerish will go back to being worked on. These continents are taking longer than we expected and it’s possible we end up launching with two and delivering the third shortly after launch. We’re working super hard but we have some resource bottlenecks. We also are going to see how the game plays with two continents before making any final decisions, so please do us a favor and don’t judge any of this before you play the game with two.”

For now, Sony Online Entertainment is focusing on getting more features added into the game, including all of the missing certifications. While Smedley didn’t make any promises, he said the plan was to have them all released within the next few weeks.