‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Veto Ceremony Done, ‘BB18’ Nominations Set For Week 3 Eviction [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers from Monday, July 11 begin with the Veto ceremony taking place in the house. This was an opportunity for Head of Household Bridgette Dunning to make a bold move in the game, as she was the winner of the Week 3 Veto competition. The Veto competition was played on Saturday, July 8, giving houseguests about 48 hours to try to convince Bridgette to either change the nominations or keep them the same for the coming eviction. A report from fan site Joker’s Updates revealed how the Veto ceremony played out in the BB18 house on Monday morning.

Bridgette nominated Tiffany Rousso and Paul Abrahamian for eviction this week, setting the tone for the weekend in the BB18 house. Frank Eudy then won the Roadkill competition, giving him the chance to name a third nominee for the week. Frank nominated Bronte D’Acquisto for eviction, showing his cards when it comes to a target after Tiffany leaves the game. Frank wanted Tiffany out first but seems ready to “settle” for Bronte going home if his primary plan doesn’t work out. It put Bronte on the block again, even though the last time she got nominated she received zero votes for eviction.

As for the Big Brother 18 spoilers from the live feeds that fans most want to know about, Bridgette Dunning decided to not use the Week 3 Veto. She decided to keep all the nominations the same, meaning it will be Tiffany Rousso, Paul Abrahamian, or Bronte D’Acquisto getting evicted during the next “live” show. That evicted houseguest will then find out that they get a chance to compete with Victor Arroyo, Jozea Flores, and Glenn Garcia to decide which one of the evicted houseguests will get to re-enter the BB18 house. The Battle Back competition will begin once the fifth evicted houseguest has been revealed.

It seems very clear that no matter which one of the evicted houseguests gets a chance to return to the game, they will be on an island by themselves. It is always tough to miss what is transpiring inside the BB18 house and then try to get back up to speed with new alliances and the shifting power of the HOH. Unless another twist is coming down the road, the Battle Back competition may be nothing more than a blip during the summer 2016 season.

Big Brother 18 spoilers from the weekend revealed that while Frank Eudy was making a lot of enemies in the house, the eviction plan had not changed for the week. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, that sets up Tiffany Rousso as the houseguest to be evicted during the Thursday, July 14 episode. It’s likely too late for Tiffany to find enough support to be saved, as she waited too long to get in the ear of HOH Bridgette Dunning this week.

Frank Eudy has nearly controlled the entire week in the house, first getting the HOH to nominate his two targets, and then getting the rest of the house to go along with the plan. All of this took place while he was making waves with his behavior, which got revealed to CBS viewers during the Sunday, July 10 episode of the show. He may be in serious danger of being the Week 4 eviction target unless his team (Category 4) finds a way to win another Head of Household competition.

Big Brother 18 spoilers may slow down for the week, as the nominations staying the same indicates that Tiffany Rousso is about to get her one-on-one meeting with Julie Chen. Unless something shocking happens in the BB18 house over the next few days, Tiffany will be the fourth evicted houseguest of summer 2016.

[Photo by CBS Big Brother/Twitter]