Zachary Quinto Dating Jonathan Groff

Zachary Quinto came out of the closet last year and now it looks like he has a serious boyfriend. The Star Trek star confirmed to Out Magazine that he’s dating Glee star Jonathan Groff.

The magazine writes that Quinto confirmed “that he is currently sharing his life with actor Jonathan Groff. Out Magazine doesn’t provide a direct quote from the actor about Groff but Quinto did say: “I’m incredibly happy, I’m incredibly lucky.”

If you won’t take Out’s word for it, Access Hollywood reports that Quinto and Groff have been spotted several times by the paparazzi in recent months.

Quinto didn’t go into detail about his personal life but he did talk about his decision to come out. The actor said that he decided to come out after he read about the death of Jamey Rodemeyer, a gay teenager who took his own life in 2011.

Quinto said:

“I thought about it as coming out from behind the wall…. Walls now are only as high or as thick or as strong as we allow them to be…. One of the most defining conversations that I had with myself was that absolutely no good can come from me staying quiet about [my sexuality]. Literally, no good can come from it. But if I take the step to make the acknowledgment and be honest, so much good could potentially come from it.”

After Quinto came out, he became more vocal about the current attitude toward the LGBT community.

Quinto said:

“It boggles my mind that there are so many extreme Christian organizations that are adopting a stance against homosexuality with such a vitriol and hatred and targeted aggression that goes against the tenets of the Christian faith… The hatred that people are leading with in this discussion is really, for me, the biggest symptom of how sick we are.”

Are you a fan of Zachary Quinto? What about Jonathan Groff?