Romney Billboard: ‘If Cheating On Your Taxes Is Ok… So Is’, am online dating site which allows adults to locate partners for extramarital affairs, has a new spokesperson, and it is none other than Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney! released it newest billboard campaign which features pictures of Romney with the slogan “if cheating on your taxes is ok… so is”., which already features their signature tag line of “Life is short. Have an affair,” decided to use the Romney photo and tag as a way to legitimize their site and try to show it as on being on par with a person whose tax reporting is questionable. While in reality no one has accused Romney of cheating on his taxes, there has been a large amount of attention paid to his tax returns. Romney refuses to release more than 2 years of tax returns to the public as part of his Presidential campaign. Romney says releasing the returns will just give the Democrats more ammo to fire at him.

Romney has used a many major loopholes in order to lower the amount of taxes he had paid over the years. He is getting hounded by Democrats and Republicans alike for not releasing the returns even if they show he stashed a lot of his money in foreign tax shelters. is no stranger to the political world. Last December the site put up a billboard formally endorsing Newt Gingrich for President. Gingrich has admitted t a slew of extra-marital affairs.

It also has been reported that Hustler magazine founder Larry Flynt has offered $1 million dollars for anyone with information about Romney’s tax returns.

Do you think that Mitt Romney is happy to be the unofficial spokesman for