‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Uncovers Juicy Tidbits, Spencer Comes Clean, Carly Keeps Digging, And Sabrina Reconnects With Michael

General Hospital spoilers for Monday’s show indicate that there is plenty of action on the way related to the Nikolas, Ava, Jason, and Sam situation. The quartet is on Cassadine Island, but someone else seems to be there watching them as well. Spencer has been communicating with his father and there is more to come regarding this during the July 11 show. What else can viewers expect?

Spencer has been making mysterious phone calls, seemingly to his father, for a while now, and Laura and Kevin have been becoming suspicious about the situation. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that during Monday’s show, Spencer will admit to the two what has been going on with the phone calls and he will apparently explain Nikolas’ status.

Back on Cassadine Island, General Hospital spoilers from We Love Soaps note that Ava will find something that belonged to Helena that will be quite incriminating. The buzz is that once she uncovers this mysterious tidbit, she will confront Nikolas and piece together what Nik’s ultimate game has been.

Jason and Sam have been in a bit of a tough spot since revealing their arrival on Cassadine Island, but General Hospital spoilers detail that the two will manage to gain an advantage during the next show. However, someone else has been hovering around the house and previews tease that there is more on the way on this front. Who is watching the quartet, and what are they planning?

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, this may well be Valentin Cassadine, set to be played by James Patrick Stuart. Someone has been lurking around, but it seems that when Valentin discloses his presence he will introduce himself as Theo. Fans have known that there would be twists and turns popping up regarding Helena and her death, but the reveals have been slow in coming. It is not clear quite yet where things are headed with this character, but it seems that shakeups are on the way.

Carly has been anxious to find out the truth about Josslyn’s kidney transplant and some information is now starting to emerge. General Hospital spoilers note that Carly will turn to Nina for some help and teasers have previously shared that Jax would be returning to town soon, surely in connection with this investigation. Do all roads on these various mysteries lead back to Helena?

Finn has been released from jail and Rachel has been helping him on the medication front. Tracy is in the mix of this all as well and General Hospital spoilers share that Tracy will be ready to share some good news with Finn. However, when Tracy arrives at his place, Rachel is there and Finn is yelling at her to go away and stay away. What is it that has him so riled up?

There has not been all that much time devoted to Sabrina and Michael since her return to Port Charles, but General Hospital spoilers detail that the two will be spending some time together during the July 11 episode. Michael has made it clear to his family that he is hoping to rebuild his relationship with Sabrina and it sounds as if she may be hoping for the same thing. She will be voicing her gratitude toward Michael, but fans know that these two have a lot to work through yet.

As the week continues, viewers will see dramatic moments involving Anna, Julian, and Alexis, and there is drama involving Elizabeth and Franco as well. Maxie and Nathan have things to sort through related to Claudette’s arrival in town and General Hospital spoilers tease that there is plenty of drama in the works that viewers will not want to miss.

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