Meat Loaf Gives Health Update, Reveals Real Reason For His Collapse On Stage

Meat Loaf is feeling better one month after he collapsed onstage during a concert in Canada, but he’s still not where he wants to be. The 68-year-old rocker, best known for the 1976 rock radio staple “Paradise By the Dashboard Light,” collapsed and lost consciousness while performing his song “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” during a show in Edmonton last month.

Meat Loaf’s shocking fall was captured on video by fans (you can see the video below), and the rock star was rushed to the hospital, where he was reported to be in stable condition after being treated by emergency personnel. May fans thought Meat Loaf had a heart attack when he fell on stage.


But now, Meat Loaf explains to Classic Rock Magazine that he became severely dehydrated after being sick and that he knew before he collapsed that he was about to go down.

“I got sick and I got dehydrated and then I had to drink what they call Pedialytes – gallons of them,” Meat Loaf told the magazine. “I knew I was about to go and I didn’t want to just fall and hit. I was getting really dizzy and I’m going, ‘Oh my God, I think I’m gonna faint.’ So I didn’t want to stand there until I just fainted and cracked my skull open. So I just said, ‘Okay, I’m going to kinda go down.’ But about halfway down I went completely out, and I didn’t wake up until I got to the hospital.”

Since his medical scare, Meat Loaf, who has long battled weight issues, has put himself on a serious health regimen, but he’s still having a bit of trouble exercising due to a failed knee operation.

“I’m okay,” Meat Loaf said of his current condition. “Weak. I’ve gotta go to physical therapy. I had back surgery and knee surgery within the last two years, and the knee surgery failed, so I haven’t been able to work out on tour.”

The rocker said he is now doing acupuncture, physical therapy, and working with a trainer four days a week.

“We’re trying to watch out for my health and make it easier onstage,” Meat Loaf explained.


Meat also slammed haters who accused him of lip-synching on his recent tour dates, especially after the video of his collapse went viral.

“I had all these stupid people – and I’m gonna call them stupid – telling me I’m lip-synching, when if you just listen you can hear my mic, live, hitting the floor,” Meat Loaf said. “I don’t even want to deal with these stupid people. They’re a waste of my time.”


2016 has not been kind to rock stars when it comes to health crises, but at least Meat Loaf is on the mend. There have been several high-profile rock star deaths this year, including David Bowie, Prince, and Eagles founder Glenn Frey. But there have also been several on-stage health emergencies like the one Meat Loaf recently suffered.

In addition to Meat Loaf, Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis fell ill minutes before he was scheduled to play a festival at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre last month. Kiedis was rushed to a nearby hospital, and he later told ET Canada that he had an inflammation that was further complicated by a stomach virus and scar tissue from a hernia operation.

And Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry collapsed midway through a Hollywood Vampires show in New York on July 10. There is no word on what caused the collapse, and the guitar legend is currently in stable condition.

Take a look at the video below to see Meat Loaf collapsing on stage.

[Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images]