‘Good Cops’ Versus Good People As Cops: The Difference

There’s a real discussion on the table over the term “good cops.” Here are a few notable perspectives to consider.

“Good cops,” do they exist? Or are they “good people” charged with the task of maintaining a broken system?

As can be seen from recent headlines, cops have been recorded stepping above — or below — the law. Granted, yes, police officers deal with a lot of public pressure.

However, are cops not trained to deal with these particular pressures as part of their occupations? They’re not trained to shoot unarmed civilians.

“But, those are the bad cops,” you might say.

'Good Cops' Versus Good People As Cops - The Difference - Bad Cop
Well, in an interview with the Combat Jack Show, J. Cole and the show’s host mentioned this very idea.

Host Combat Jack mentioned that, since the beginning of the United States’ government, cops have never been “checked” for their actions against the public.

“What we see, right now, going on with police brutality, that’s not a glitch in the system. That’s a feature. It’s ‘supposed to happened’. It’s just that a lot of people are becoming aware right now. Like, ‘Wait, we’ve got to fix this.’

“When you see these cops acting the way they are, they’re ‘supposed’ to act like that because nobody’s ever checked them in the history of America’s existence.”

Likewise, J. Cole mentions that cops — specifically corrupt ones — hate that they’re, now, being scrutinized for their actions.

If you’re interested in the entire video interview, it’s located at the end of this article.

“Well, what about the good cops?,” you might ask.

'Good Cops' Versus Good People As Cops - The Difference - Female Officer
J. Cole answers that question in his response to Combat Jack.

“These are people,” the rapper clarifies. “These are normal people. I’ve got friends whose family members, whose fathers, are police officers. And, I know that these are great people. You know what I mean? They’re good people.”

J. Cole doesn’t agree with the idea of police attacks or violence towards police as retaliation.

As the interview continued, the rapper mentions as follows.

“I want people to know, like… cause I got a homeboy that’s like, ‘Yo man, f**ked these cops! These n***as gotta know!’

“And, I’m trying to let him know, like, ‘Yo… those are people!'”

J. Cole continues by stating that cops, even “good cops,” have a certain job to do.

“The system has given them power. You’ve given a person with flaws and their own biases…unchecked power. So, that could be a ‘good person’, a good person with flaws, and he just got this level of power. And power corrupts, absolutely.”

'Good Cops' Versus Good People As Cops - The Difference - Male Policeman with Shotgun
J. Cole, as a good person, elaborates with an example.

“If you gave me a gun and a badge, I might start wildin’. I’m walking down the street with a gun?? I’ve been getting picked on my whole life. N***as used to bully me in high school. ‘I remember you, n***a. Hands against the wall!'”

The rapper also alluded to a past conversation he had with someone about if “good cops” exist.

“Somebody was asking me, ‘Don’t you think there’s good cops?’,” J. Cole recalls. “But, this is the thing. I think there are good and great people who are cops. But, I think the term ‘good cop’ is an oxymoron… because the job ain’t good… they’re agents of a machine that’s not good [speaking on corrupt government].”

As the topic of “good cops” continues, J. Cole says that there are “absolutely” good people in the cop occupation — “great people, who actually thought they were joining to make a difference,” says the rapper.

Disclaimer: The following video contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

J. Cole Speaks On The Idea Of ‘Good Cops’

The full video interview is found at the end of the article.

So, a better question might be, why do these good-moral officers standby while their counterparts commit these horrible acts? What happens when police officers fight injustice within their own ranks?

Well, as a recent example, Warrensville Heights’ Officer Nakia Jones recorded a video last week that nearly got her in trouble with her department.

In the video, she reprimanded fellow servicemen who might share the same “shoot first” values as the cops who killed Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

The Inquisitr covered this story and its aftermath in detail via a previous report.

While this “good cop” didn’t lose her job or get suspended, she’s now frowned upon by many of her fellow officers.

In her interview, she was reduced to tears and mentioned that several topics could not be discussed. Nakia Jones is a good person who took an oath to serve and protect, unbiasedly.

And likewise, other good cops find themselves in the same position as Nakia Jones.

'Good Cops' Versus Good People As Cops - The Difference - Female Investigator
Several good people work as police officers. However, overall, are cops swearing to serve and protect the people or the government’s infrastructure?

Disclaimer: The following video contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

J. Cole Full Interview With Combat Jack

What are your thoughts regarding “good cops”? It’s probable that you know good people who took the oath for difference-making reasons as well. Feel free to share your comments below.

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