Draymond Green Arrested: Golden State Warriors Forward Reportedly Arrested For Assault In Michigan

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green has been arrested in East Lansing, MI for assault, according to the MLive.com. Green, who attended Michigan State University in East Lansing, is a Saginaw, MI native. The East Lansing Police Department are not releasing details surrounding the incident the ended with Draymond’s arrest.

“The police department is not confirming any arrest with that name,” said Lt. Scott Wrigglesworth, the East Lansing police department Public Information Officer. “What I can confirm is that we did arrest a current NBA basketball player this weekend and he was arrested for assault. That’s all we’re confirming right now.”

Green has 10 days to return to East Lansing to be arraigned for the crime in the city attorney’s office.

The Warriors released a statement concerning Draymond’s arrest.

“We are aware of news involving Draymond Green in Michigan over the weekend. At this point, we are collecting information and will have no further comment until we have a better understanding of the situation.”

Back in March, Draymond posted a video to Snapchat of him hitting 118 mph in his car, but the California Highway Patrol stated that they would not pursue charges in the incident, according to TMZ. Green later said that he used “bad judgment” by filming the video.

Draymond also had trouble on the court during the 2016 NBA playoffs as he was involved in multiple incidents in the Western Conference Finals with Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams. On more than one occasion, a body part of Green’s seemed to intentionally make contact with Adams’ private area.

Although Draymond wasn’t suspended for the incidents with Adams, the NBA did suspend Green following a dustup with LeBron James in Game 4 of the 2016 NBA Finals. James went to step over Draymond, who was on the floor, and Green took exception, shoving LeBron in what looked like the private area once again. The NBA reviewed the video following the game and assessed Draymond with a flagrant foul, which resulted in a suspension for Green for Game 5 due to flagrant foul accumulation.

The Warriors, who were up three games to one heading into that crucial Game 5, would end up losing the game, 112-97. That loss would end up being devastating for the Warriors as the Cavaliers came all the way back to win the seven-game series, four games to three.

Despite his recent issues on and off the court, Draymond Green posted the best season of his career in 2015-16. Green averaged 14 points, 9.5 rebounds and 7.4 assists as he helped lead the Warriors to an NBA-record 73 wins, the No. 1 overall seed in the playoffs, and nearly to a second-straight championship.

In addition to his improved play, Draymond was reportedly a huge reason the Warriors were able to sign Kevin Durant this summer. In an interview with Alex Kennedy of Sports Illustrated, Green described how he was able to recruit Durant to the Warriors, and what the meeting was like with the free agent.

Alex Kennedy: “You aren’t just part of the team, you’ve been a main recruiter over the last year. You’ve had a lot of conversations and text message exchanges. What were you telling him and what was your pitch?”

Green: “I mean, I was really just telling him about the fun we have together–the fun that this team has and how he would be welcome here with open arms. And it’s not about ‘I’ with us on this team. It’s all about ‘we’ and winning championships. He fits that mold perfectly because that’s who he is. It doesn’t take him changing his whole game or changing his personality to come join us. He’s just going to be Kevin.”

AK: “What was the actual meeting with KD like? What was the reception?”

Green: “It was great. He was very receptive. He was attentive, and he and his team had questions that we answered. Overall, it was a great vibe in the meeting. I think we all just really meshed from the very start.”

Draymond may have to wait a few games to play with his new teammate. Depending on the review of his arrest, the NBA could look into suspending Draymond Green a few games at the start of the season.

[Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]