June 29, 2017
Kate Upton Diet And Exercise Program Revealed

Kate Upton, model and actress, is looking better than ever, and she is feeling fitter too. According to People magazine, Kate Upton looks more toned than she has ever been, and it is all thanks to her regular workout sessions with her dedicated trainer, Ben Bruno.

The personal trainer has been working with Kate Upton for the past eight months, and he noted that he had required Upton to apply more hard work and effort over time as they gradually increase the intensity of her workouts. Needless to say, their combined efforts have had the desired effect, especially given the outfit Kate wore to her birthday party.

Ben Bruno spoke on the workout program her created for Kate Upton, and in particular, why he feels it is so important to start small and build up over time, or what he calls "progressive overload," which he says is one of the "key tenants" of his program.

"We do slow increases over time, so you build gradually. It's important to always strive to be better, whether that's with more weights or reps or moving to a harder exercise. With Kate, we do all three at different points, so we've gradually built up."
Bruno also mentioned that Kate Upton can now deadlift an impressive weight of 200 pounds, along with completing sled pushes with 500 pounds and bear crawls with 300 pounds. Bruno thinks that Kate has become so much stronger than the athletes he regularly trains.Despite the fact that Kate Upton is engaged to be married, her trainer revealed that her decision to exert herself the way she has been is not for the benefit of her upcoming wedding. The Tower Heist actress remains steadfastly motivated for her workouts and dedicated to achieving the results that she wants. According to her trainer, she is not only going through the motions, but she is also aiming to constantly improve.

Bruno says that Kate Upton is always excited to set and break her own records at the gym, and she has even found some friendly competition in Chelsea Handler. Kate and Chelsea have established some healthy, friendly competition with each other, which has the two women spurring each other on with their workouts.

Exercise is only one part of a healthy lifestyle, and it turns out that Kate Upton generally keeps to a nutritious diet, but she is not afraid to indulge and enjoy herself every now and then.

Ben Bruno spoke about her diet and meal plans, saying that Upton's main focus when it comes to her diet is to have lean protein with every meal and to limit sugar and processed foods. Luckily for the model and actress, her trainer allows her to enjoy her favorite treats every now and then.
"She does eat treats every once in a while like everybody does. That's totally fine. You just pick up where you left off, and keep on healthy eating. Her favorite treat is donuts. It's not all the time, but life's too short to not have some fun stuff every once in a while!"
Because of the killer combination of the model's determination to succeed, and Ben Bruno's watchful eye guiding her through her fitness journey, Kate Upton looks better than ever. She has undergone a total body transformation, and her trainer believes that she has improved everything about herself during her journey as he noted that her arms, legs, and abs look fantastic.

Kate Upton and her new-found dedication to a fitter and healthier lifestyle could not have come at a better time as she is set to return to modeling. According to Yahoo! Kate Upton will come back to modeling after two years.

She left modeling to start an acting career, but she is planning her return to the catwalk. Formerly a part of IMG Models back in 2014, Kate Upton is the newest name to appear under Next Model Management, which represents Lucky Blue Smith, Anja Rubik, and Alexa Chung. Kate Upton first made her breakthrough when she graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimwear issue, and during her career, she has been featured on the cover of prestigious publications, including Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Harper's Bazaar.

[Photo by Vantagenews.com/IPx]