‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Andre’s Schemes Lead To Fear And Heartbreak As Chad Faces Stunning News Regarding Abigail

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday’s show tease that there are dramatic moments on the way for many throughout Salem. Andre is in the midst of carrying out multiple schemes and heartbreak is on the way. What can everybody expect from the July 11 show?

Rafe went searching the house that is connected to Andre and he got knocked out in the process. Days of Our Lives spoilers from the newest weekly preview tease that Hope will soon catch up to him and they will have to take big risks to regain their freedom. However, it looks like Monday’s episode will focus on another one of Andre’s schemes.

Abigail has gone missing and Chad is desperate to figure out where she is. Andre passed along a note from Abby where she said goodbye to her family, but he is not ready to give up on her yet. Days of Our Lives spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that Chad will learn of Abigail’s supposed fate during Monday’s show.

Just what is it that Chad will learn? Andre took an interest in an article about a downed airplane last week and the buzz is that he is going to make it seem as if Abigail has died in an airplane crash. It is not clear quite yet how Andre is linked to Abby’s disappearance or where she is, but it is known that Kate Mansi has finished her time in the role and actress Marci Miller will not start appearing as Abigail until the fall.

Ciara has developed quite the crush on Chad and Days of Our Lives spoilers note that Claire will be having a discussion with her best friend over these feelings. How far will Ciara go to try to win Chad over in the wake of his wife’s disappearance? Viewers will also see a close moment between Claire and Theo during this next show. He was left heartbroken after Ciara bailed on their relationship, but could something romantic be brewing for him with Claire?

Theresa had been determined to keep herself awake as she was with Tate and working, but she fell asleep once again and Tate disappeared. At the same time, Summer had boarded an airplane and a crying baby was heard near her. Did Summer really kidnap Tate? It isn’t entirely clear from the available Days of Our Lives spoilers when more about this situation is revealed this week, but big moments are on the way.

Days of Our Lives spoilers from Soap Central detail that this week as this storyline develops, Theresa may quickly suspect that Summer is involved in this, but she will be facing some heat herself. It sounds as if Summer does have Tate and will soon hand him off to the person behind this kidnapping, but she will not manage to stay under the radar for long. Who is behind this kidnapping? Is Theresa sick or is someone perhaps drugging her in some way to shed her in a bad light and provide the opportunity for this kidnapping?

Viewers can expect a custody battle to brew between Jennifer and Chad later in the week and Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that there is plenty of action related to Kate, Deimos, and Nicole ahead as well. Philip makes an offer to Chloe and danger is lurking for Rafe and Hope as he is being held captive at the house Andre bought, with a bomb rigged up there.

Will Aiden’s lies be exposed, paving the way for Hope to reunite with Rafe? How far will Andre go to exact revenge and control things in Salem? Is Victor behind having Tate kidnapped? Days of Our Lives spoilers note that there is plenty more chaos on the way and fans will not want to miss any of the action that is on the way.

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